Johnny Cash ‘Redemption’ Documentary Coming Soon

“Here’s the great contradiction–who could be friends with Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and Billy Graham all at the same time? The answer, Johnny Cash,” says Pastor Greg Laurie of Harvest Ministries. “He was a contradiction at times, but he had a deep faith that he always returned to.” Laurie is the author of the biography, Johnny Cash: The Redemption of an American Icon, which was released in 2019. At the recent CinemaCon, Laurie announced that the book is the inspiration for a new documentary about the man in black which will be released in theaters for three days only.

Fathom Events, Kingdom Story Company, WTA Media, and Harvest Ministries have partnered with Laurie to release the new Johnny Cash documentary on December 5-7, 2022 at select theaters across the U.S. and they all seem pretty excited by the project.

“Johnny Cash is an American icon who undoubtedly shaped the musical landscape. Behind the fame is the true story of a man who was haunted by his own inner demons, and through facing them, ultimately found an unshakable faith in God,” said producer Jon Erwin of Kingdom Story Company who created The Jesus Music documentary which was released last year. His company had exclusive access to over 100 tapes that have never been heard before outside of the Cash family. These tapes were originally recorded for Cash’s autobiography and were provided with the blessings of John Carter Cash and his sister, Joanne Cash Yates.

“I think of all the documentaries made about my dad, he’d be most excited about this one,” said John Carter Cash of the film which features commentary from music icons, pastors and others. Some of those featured include Sheryl Crow, Tim McGraw, Marty Stuart, Wynonna Judd, Jimmie Allen, Alice Cooper and Franklin Graham.

Recounting a critical period in Cash’s life and career, the documentary takes place during the time of his most famous album Man In Black while the legend was stuck in a cycle of depression and drug addiction. The road to redemption for the iconic country star and his return to an “unshakeable faith” that would influence some of his most famous songs like “The Man Comes Around,” are at the core focus of the film.

“Johnny Cash and his music are an indelible part of the fabric of America,” said Ray Nutt, CEO of Fathom Events.  “As a huge fan myself, I know that audiences will love hearing his one-of-a-kind music and seeing his command of the stage on the big screen – and being able to live his spiritual transformation through this film will be especially inspiring.”

For more information about Johnny Cash: The Redemption of an American Icon, the participating theaters playing the film and ticket reservations, visit the Fathom Events website.

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