• The Good Liar

    McKellen and Mirren Make the Most Out of ‘The Good Liar’

    I think The Good Liar is going to be one of those films that you with either like it a lot or dislike it a little. Some are comparing the Bill Condon film to mysteries of Alfred Hitchcock while others are not so impressed. One thing that just about everybody agrees on is that the film makes for a good excuse to see two cinematic greats play off of each other.

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  • Shaggy and Scooby-Doo

    Scooby-Doo is Going to the Movies this Summer

    Over the years, the pup has taken on different formats and animation styles. Today, Warner Bros. (who “adopted” the Hanna-Barbera cartoon universe in 2001) has release a new movie trailer for yet another incarnation. Unlike 2017’s series, “Be Cool Scooby-Doo!” which featured an animation style that ruined the childhoods of many, “Scoob!” will give a sigh of relief.

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  • Sesame Street's 50th Annivesary

    ‘Sesame Street’ Celebrates 50 Years!

    By now you should be able to tell me how to get to Sesame Street. This month, the children’s the series begins its 50th year on TV in a big way with a 50th Anniversary Special on November 9th on HBO.

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  • ‘Harriet’ is an Inspiring and Riveting Story That Should Be Required Viewing

    I might be speaking too quickly, but I think the movie has Oscar potential as well. At any rate, there is a lot to learn and be inspired by this film. Harriet Tubman is portrayed to be both strong and compassionate while fully relying on God to show her the way without being preachy.

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  • Benedict Cumberbatch in "The Current War."

    ‘The Current War’ Flips the Switch with Director’s Cut

    While this movie isn’t for everybody, at least it has a story to tell, it is told well and there isn’t anything objectionable about it. You too just might learn something.

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