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Upcoming TV Highlights

Indy (Harrison Ford) and his father, Professor Henry Jones Sr. (Sean Connery) in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. (CBS)

Holey Moley / Thursday, May 28 / 9 p.m. / ABC
ABC says that the show will be “bringing more drama, trick shots and hysterically impressive wipeouts.” Read More >>>

To Tell The Truth / Thursday, May 28 / 10 p.m. / ABC
Though “reimagined,” To Tell the Truth is pretty much the same as it was when it aired for the first time in the 1950’s. Three people come up and claim to be the same person and a panal of four stars (plus Anderson’s mother) fire off questions to see who the two imposters are and who is the one really telling the truth. Read More >>>

Haircut Night in America / Friday, May 29 / 8 p.m. / CBS
As if the USA wasn’t bored enough as it is, CBS thought it would be a good idea to host a show where celebrities got their hair cut at home.

Despicable Me 2 / Saturday, May 30 / 8 p.m. / NBC
Criminal mastermind Gru has been raising the girls until he is recruited by an anti-villain league to help them hunt down a nefarious super-criminal.

CBS Sunday Night at the Movies: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade / Sunday, May 31 / 8 p.m. / CBS
There’s nothing more exciting than trying to keep up with the Joneses in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Indy’s Nazi enemies are back and have kidnapped his father, Professor Henry Jones Sr., to get help in their search for the Holy Grail. Following a trail from America to Venice to the deserts of the Middle East, it’s up to Indy to save his father, save the Grail and save the day in this non-stop, action-packed adventure.

TV News

Game On

CBS Tries Again with ‘Game On!’

This summer CBS is trying again with yet another wacky game show with host Keegan-Michael Key. Game On! is based on a award-winning U.K. series known as A League of Their Own. Here’s the concept: The show pits two teams of three, captained by tennis champion and entrepreneur Venus Williams and Super Bowl champion Rob Gronkowski, alongside comedians Bobby Lee and Ian Karmel and rotating sports stars, comedians and celebrities, against each other in over-the-top physical challenges, absurd trivia and epic field competitions. What could go wrong? Read More >>>

Holey Moley

The ABC’s of Fun and Games

ABC’s focus on “fun and games” during the summer months has certainly paid off for the network making ABC the most-watched network last summer. And it should be no surprise that new game shows will be popping up on NBC, CBS and FOX during the next month or so as well. Beginning this week marks the return of Holey Moley, Celebrity Family Feud, Match Game, Press Your Luck, To Tell the Truth and one new show, Don’t. Suspiciously absent from the list is Card Sharks and $25,000 Pyramid, but the network is still saying that both will return sometime in 2020. Read More >>>


TV Series Reviews

Game On

Game On!

Executively produced by James Corden, Game On! doesn’t seem to know what it is nor does it give a good reason why anyone should bother watching. The idea about the show, I guess, is that CBS has set up Venus Williams to take on Rob Gronkowski to compete in a variety of challenges to see which one is the greater athlete. Read More >>>



LEGO MASTERS is different from many other reality competition shows. Starting with the pair of contestants, the competitors come from all walks of life. These are unique and artsy people, but the first episode really on introduces us to about three of them and unlike other shows, this one is really all about the bricks, not the people. Read More >>>



The pilot spends no time building up its premise for the show. In the first three minutes we learn that Dave (Adam Pally) and Rebecca (Abby Elliott) are finally cleaning out all of their closets and getting rid of much of their young children’s infant stuff. They feel that they can make a reentry back into society. Then comes a surprise visit from Dave’s folks with big news. Read More >>>

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