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Upcoming TV Highlights: February


The Muppet Show

Friday / Disney+
While the humans behind their furry friends struggle to create a new Muppet show with the same wit and humor many of us grew up with, Disney+ has announced that the streaming service will adding all five seasons of the original The Muppet Show in February. Read More >>>


78th Annual Golden Globes

Sunday / 4 p.m. / NBC
Award-winning comedy icons Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are returning to the Golden Globes as co-hosts for the 2021 telecast.


TV News

2021 Kennedy Center Honors Announced

The Kennedy Center Honors announced today that its Honorees for the 43rd class will be multi-disciplinary artist, choreographer and actress Debbie Allen; singer-songwriter and activist Joan Baez; country singer-songwriter Garth Brooks; violinist Midori; and actor Dick Van Dyke. These artists will receive tributes during a TV special airing on June 6 on CBS.


TV Series Reviews

Young Rock

Young Rock

Imagine the meeting with NBC execs telling Dwayne Johnson that they want to make a sitcom based on his life. I’m sure his response was a simple, “Okay” with that toothy grin of his. Or better yet. He proposed the idea to them! Either way, Young Rock is another self-indulgent project featuring the former wrestling star. This would be really annoying if he wasn’t just so likeable. Read More >>>



Neither Wanda (aka Scarlett Witch) nor Vision (the almost-human robot) are counted as fans’ most-favorite characters, but that might change. From watching the first two episodes, WandaVision you get a sense that the show is more of a tribute to classic sitcoms that it is a superhero show, but I suspect that will change more and more as show goes on. Read More >>>

The Hustler

The Hustler

The Hustler’s set looks like an elaborate rendition of the board game clue, but there isn’t any murder or mayhem here. Just five people trying to figure out which one is lying. The show is hosted by Craig Ferguson, who now my favorite game show host. Unlike the likes of Steve Harvey or Alec Baldwin, his humor is more subtle giving the show a lot more sophistication than you would expect. Read More >>>

Name That Tune

Name That Tune

Now, the show has been brought back by Prestige Entertainment and Eureka Productions (who are responsible for the mini golf phenomenon, Holey Moley) and unlike FOX’s The Masked Singer, The Masked Dancer and I Can See Your Voice, it thankfully does not feature Ken Jeong. (A little Jeong can go a long way.) Instead, 30 Rock alum Jane Krakowski is doing the hosting duties alongside Randy Jackson who will be serving at the Band Leader. Read More >>>

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