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Amy Schumer, Wanda Sykes and Regina Hall hosts the 2022 Oscars (ABC)

TV News

New Episodes of Holey Moley and Others Kick off in May

Every year, the producers of Holey Moley come up with something new to add to the show. The last season was the best yet, but I’m not so sure about this year’s ploy as it involves the Muppets. Now, I’ve loved the Muppets from the very first time I saw them on Sesame Street, but their performances have been rather hit or miss in recent years. The most recent TV series (The Muppets on ABC and Muppets Tonight on Disney+) were both disappointments while The Muppets Haunted Mansion special on Disney+ was a winner. Sure, they’re wacky and so are Rob Riggle and Joe Tessitore, but those guys don’t need any help. It could be a good fit, but I’m skeptical. Read More >>>

Joel Edgerton to Star in ‘Dark Matter’ Series

Remember Wayward Pines, that creepy show that starred Matt Dillon who found himself trapped in a “perfect” little town following a car crash? It aired on FOX back in 2015. A modest hit, the limited series sort of lost its way during the show’s second season, but that first season…full of mystery, it was hard to ignore. I was hooked. Wayward Pines was based on a trilogy of books by Blake Crouch and apparently, the author is up to his old tricks. Apple TV+ has announced that a series adaptation of his book Dark Matter has been picked up by the streamer. The new show will star Joel Edgerton with Crouch serving as writer and showrunner. Read More>>>

The Weird and Wonderful World Built by Sid and Marty Krofft

Long before H. R. Pufnstuf hit the small screen, Sid was a puppeteer who worked in vaudeville and the Ringling Bros. ad Barnum & Bailey Circus. In the 1940’s he created the one-man puppet show knowns as “The Unusual Artistry of Sid Krofft.” By the 1950’s, the brothers were working together and in 1957, they created the adult-themed Les Poupées de Paris puppet show. Although the show featured characters modeled after various celebrities from Judy Garland to Phil Silvers, it also featured a number of topless puppets too! The show was brought to the Seattle World’s Fair in 1962 and later to New York’s World’s Fair in 1964. That same year, the Kroffts appeared with puppets on The Dean Martin Show (with tops on by way) but were let go after eight episodes because Martin reportedly felt upstaged by the marionettes. The fan letters he was receiving at the time requested more screen time with the puppets! Read More>>>

Best TV Tunes

10 of the Best TV Theme Songs Ever

If you are of a certain age, you remember when TV theme songs actually meant something. In some ways, they could be considered a character on the show. Yes, there were many generic-sounding theme songs, but some still hold up many years later and are just as iconic as the shows themselves. Unlike many of today’s themes that air for ten seconds or less, these classics would play for about a minute before the show would begin and the song would stick in your head for days to come. Very few shows do that today and some have borrowed music from other sources instead of creating anything new. Ironically, many shows that air on premium cable channels or services like Hulu or Netflix still feature the longer theme songs. Then again, you can usually skip the show’s opening if you don’t care for it. Read More >>>


TV Series Reviews

Ordinary Joe

So, in each scenario, the same actors play different versions of the same character as the stories go back and forth at a frequent pace. It’s clever, but confusing. The rock star is definitely the coolest of the three while the nurse appears to be somewhat of a nerd. But in all three cases, they are the same Joe who by and large is a pretty nice guy. Read More >>>

The Big Leap

The Big Leap is created by Liz Heldens, Jason Winer and Sue Naegle (known for their work on Friday Night Lights, Modern Family and The Plot Against America respectively) who show that they know how to blend comedy and drama together producing potential heartfelt scenes with a dash of comedy so that they don’t come off as too sappy. Read More >>>


Many of us grew up with and still have fond memories of silly TV comedies like Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, The Munsters and Gilligan’s Island. Though we sometimes try to pretend that we’ve outgrown them, deep inside we still miss them. Every so many years similar shows have been brought to the small screen only to die a slow death from lack of creativity and viewership. Although, every once in a while, one of these high concept shows actually makes it and becomes a nice break from yet another sitcom family or workplace hijinks. Hopefully, Ghosts will be one of those breakthroughs. Read More >>>

La Brea

Without having watched an episode of the new NBC show, some have described La Brea as TV’s next Lost. That’s being kind. Lost was unusual and mysterious when it first premiered in 2004. There was nothing like it. But it was huge and became the talk at the watercooler every week. Since that time, every network has tried to come up with their own “Lost” but it has proven to be a difficult task. Read More >>>

CSI: Los Vegas

Like many other people, I was a rabid fan of the original show for most of its incredible 15-year run, but I sort of lost interest in it after William Petersen left the show at the end of season 9. The new show is shiny featuring those incredible camera shots and the familiar “Who Are You” theme song. The show features characters from the past working alongside new characters working in a new and improved lab. Read More >>>

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