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Diane Keaton Elevates Uneven but Cute ‘Poms’

Over the years Diane Keaton has portrayed different female characters in different stages of life. She was J.C. Wiatt, the strong, powerful businesswoman who became a reluctant adopted mother in Baby Boom (1987); Nina Banks the loving, devoted wife and gushing mother in Father of the Bride (1991); Annie MacDuggan Paradis, a bitter divorcee in First Wives Club (1996) and

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‘Dumbo’ is Another Great Live Action Creation of a Disney Classic


When Disney first considered creating a live action remake of its own 1941 animated cartoon, Dumbo many people questioned the reasoning behind hiring Tim Burton to serve as the director. The elephant with big ears is one of mouse house’s gentlest characters of all time and it seemed strange that the man behind such odd movies as Beetlejuice, Sleepy Hollow

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