RecSpot App Connects People with Movie and TV Passions

“No bots, no trolls — only verified friends and their passionate picks,” expresses a new social media app that aims to do what others can’t – recommend a good movie that you’ll actually appreciate (among other things).

Launched this week and available on iOS and Android App stores, RecSpot is a place to exchange opinions, discover new TV shows and movies and even watch them right then and there (providing you have an account services like Netflix, Disney+, Apple+ TV and others).

Boasting of being founded by serial entrepreneurs and pop-culture obsessives who have led or built for leading brands like Vogue, Amazon, SoulCycle, Equinox and Hermès, RecSpot promises to make sharing and receiving genuine recommendations easy, convenient and fun.

“RecSpot is not just a content company; it is a personalized community of like-minded people,” states Ian O’Brien, RecSpot founder. “There are a handful of apps and platforms that promise to deliver the best recommendations, most unique content and most tailored experience, but fall short of their promise because no algorithm can really know personal tastes as well as one’s own network of friends, family and colleagues. RecSpot replaces the endless texts between friends of what to watch — and, soon, what to listen to or where to eat. It cuts through the noise and delivers recommendations users are seeking.”

Having signed up myself, I can tell you that the app is easy to use, but since this is brand new, the lists and number of recommendations listed are limited, but that is expected to grow over time. Currently the app offers these categories: Selections that are new on Apple TV+, Disney+ and Netflix, What’s Trending, All-Time Movies and All-Time TV Series.

Here is How it Works:

  • Connect: The app provides exclusive and honest recommendations from a trusted circle of friends, with no invasion of privacy. RecSpot user accounts are private by default, and connections are formed with people they know and trust.
  • Recommend: Swipe to rate. Comment and tag friends to recommend something directly to them. Know which friends recommend the content and see their ratings.
  • Discover: See who in your network likes specific titles and browse to discover new things to watch and do, right in your activity feed. Each unique RecSpot search not only delivers top results, but also identifies which friends in a personal network recommend that content.
  • Experience: See trends within your network of friends and interact with their likes and recommendations in-feed from anywhere within the app. Swipe through friends’ top content in an easy-to-consume and engaging experience. Save, comment, create lists and share.

Right now RecSpot is limited to just movies and TV series, but there are plans to add music, books, restaurants and more. You can even post your thoughts to other networks like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Again, they state that everything is done safely and securely. They will not share personal data.

Images: RecSpot

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