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Don’t Be Afraid, ‘Ghosts’ is Really Clever

While rarely laugh-out-loud funny, Ghosts is actually pretty entertaining and clever. Like those colorful characters of sitcom pasts, this new series is full of personality and really fun to watch.

‘Le Brea’s’ Plot Must Have Fallen in that Pit Too

While the hour of “La Brea” plays out with a few exciting scenes, there’s no real tension. One character says, “Something strange is going on.” You’re just now realizing this? You know that the people in jeopardy are going to be okay. It’s actually quite boring. A reboot of “The Land of the Lost” would be more exciting and possibly less obvious.

Peacock’s ‘Frogger’ is No ‘Wipeout’

Frogger’s hosts are Damon Wayans, Jr. and Kyle Brandt who seem capable enough, but they don’t speak with any authority at all, their commentary is flat and frankly, they aren’t funny. They appear as if they just stumbled onto the set and are pretending to commentate the proceedings instead of actually doing the job.