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Behind the Attraction

‘Behind the Attraction’ is Every Theme Park Fan’s Dream Show

For diehard fans, those who love all things Disney including the theme parks, Disney+ offers some things that you can’t find anywhere else. They offer a number of behind-the-scenes docuseries like the new “Behind the Attraction” which is a must-see.

The cast of "Kenan"

Kenan Thompson is Funnier than His Show

Now given his own show, his humor is even more subtle. At least in the pilot episode. That might have more to do with the fact that his character is still grieving the death of his wife. It’s hard to make that type of character funny. But I’m not convinced that the show is playing to Thompson’s strengths.

Young Rock

‘Young Rock’ is Self-Indulgent in a Good Way

Imagine the meeting with NBC execs telling Dwayne Johnson that they want to make a sitcom based on his life. I’m sure his response was a simple, “Okay” with that toothy grin of his. Or better yet. He proposed the idea to them! Either way, Young Rock is another self-indulgent project featuring the former wrestling star. This would be really annoying if he wasn’t just so likeable.