Valentine’s Day 2021: How Much Will You Spend?

Valentines Day Gifts

Some people are hopeless romantics who love everything there is to love about February 14th. Others say that they aren’t against love, they just believe that we should be loving each other every day, not just one dedicated on the calendar. Of course, some of those people are the meanest people you you’ll ever know who and are only saying that so they can save a buck. Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is here to stay., a discount website, recently did a survey of Americans asking them what type of gifts they like to receive on Valentine’s Day, how much money that they were willing to spend and if they really knew what their significant others wanted as a gift.

First of all, they found that 26% of the people they polled don’t actually celebrate the holiday while 74% will be giving a gift to their loved one. On average, men tend to spend about $121 on gifts while women spend about $91. About 36% of men will spend money on Valentine’s Day cards, 32% will buy flowers and 29% will spend money on perfumes. What do women really want? About 36% of the women said perfume, 32% said jewelry and 16% said clothing.

As for the Women buying gifts, 34% said their money will go toward holiday candy, 31% said Valentine’s Day cards and 23% on cologne. What do men really want? 44% of them said electronics, 31% replied that a gift card would be nice and 36% agreed on the cologne.

Both genders agreed that a teddy bear made the worst gift (27% men, 21% women). Men also didn’t care for Valentine’s Day cards (22%) and underwear (19%). Women were not fans of small home appliances (18%) and board games (16%).

Looking at the world at large, the residents of Hong Kong spend the most on gifts ($124) with the United Kingdom coming in second ($117), Ireland in third ($112) and the United States in fourth ($106). The Philippines and Nigeria tied for last place with $30 each.

This report is based on results of a survey among over 11,000 people from 38 selected countries where Valentine’s Day is celebrated. For currency conversion, Picodi used the average exchange rate for January 2021.

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