Which State Holds the Most Romantic People? It’s Not Where You Would Think

Where do the most romantic Americans live? It’s not what you think. Picodi.com’s analysis team decided to check the statistics of “romantic” queries on the internet in all states and created the ranking of the most romantic places in the US. And while many Americans would rate Hawaii as the most romantic state to visit, the people there are hardly romantic coming in at second to last! And remember the slogan, “Virginia is for Lovers”? Apparently that isn’t so as they came in the 40th spot. As for my state, Washington, we came in smack dab in the middle at #31. And the state that contains the most romantic people is (drumroll please): Idaho.

So, how did Picodi come up with these findings?

“Our queries list consisted of terms like “Valentine’s Day”, “love confession”, “flowers”, “love”, and others which would associate with Valentine’s Day. During the period before Valentine’s Day, the frequency of searching these queries increases in the whole United States. However, in some places, the interest in making a pleasant surprise to the significant other increases more, and in some — notably less.”

After looking closely at Google’s figures, the most romantic Americans live in Idaho, Maryland, and Mississippi. In these states, the increase in popularity of queries connected to Valentine’s Day was the highest. Picodi reasons it may be that residents of Gem State, surrounded by an abundance of natural resources and scenic areas, are more inclined to enjoy the romantic atmosphere.

Here are the rankings from the most romantic to the least:

All images: Picodi.com

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