Invite This ‘Small Group’ to Your Home

Small Group

Available for home viewing right now, Small Group: The Movie is said to reveal “the good, the bad and the beautiful of Christian community” and is a faith film for those “who like faith films and those who don’t!” The comedy, a rarity for faith-based films, features Scott Cooper, a documentary filmmaker who uproots his family from Los Angeles to Athens, Georgia to get a first-hand look about the dwindling influence of Christianity in America. However, after the family has moved and has settled in, he learns that the producer has no intentions of making the film an objective documentary. Instead, Scott learns that he needs to go undercover and infiltrate a small group at a local church in hopes of finding dirt. What he finds though is a group of imperfect people doing their best to live for Christ. But it isn’t long before the group finds out that Scott has only been playing a Christian and the group’s personal conversations have now been exposed.

Small Group: The Movie defies the expectations many have for faith films,” said writer and director Matt Chastain, who also stars in the film. “I got the idea from my own experience in a small group. The less formal, more real and raw nature of small group culture just lends itself to more genuine storytelling that tends to be a bit of a surprise and a huge relief to viewers who are a bit skeptical of the genre.”

Small Group stars Sterling Hurst, Emily Dunlop, Matt hastain, Caleb Hoffman and Robert Riechel. It is available now to rent or buy through Amazon, iTunes, GooglePlay, Vudu, Redbox and Christian Cinema. The DVD and Blu-Ray version of the film is also available for purchase.

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