The First Enneagram Documentary

Enneagram Documentary

Since this post was written, Zondervan quietly announced that “Nine: The Enneagram Documentary” which was to be released in the fall of 2020 would be halted indefinitely due to allegations made by nearly three dozen people who claimed to have either seen or had experienced spiritual and psychological abuse by Christopher Heuertz. Zondervan made the decision after the story “Let’s Talk About Chris Heuertz was posted on Medium which was signed by those who felt that they had been harmed from the man. Christianity Today also wrote about the decision.

I don’t think I have ever heard the Enneagram before. If I have, I must have forgotten. However, today I learned that Christian book publisher Zondervan is stepping out and are producing their first film. And that film, Nine: The Enneagram Documentary, is the first-ever documentary on the subject. As it turns out, the Enneagram is also known as the “Enneagram of Personality” and is often displayed as a nine-sided figure representing a spectrum of personality types.


According to Wikipedia, “The origins and history of many of the ideas and theories associated with the Enneagram of Personality are a matter of dispute. Contemporary Enneagram theories are principally derived from the teachings of the Bolivian psycho-spiritual teacher Oscar Ichazo from the 1950s and the Chilean psychiatrist Claudio Naranjo from the 1970s.

Nine: The Enneagram Documentary features Christopher L. Heuertz, a renowned Enneagram expert, and was produced in association with Sandoval Studios.

“Chris Heuertz is an unequaled authority on the Enneagram,” said Zondervan Books Associate Publisher Stephanie Smith. “Through his books and in-person training, he has helped thousands on their journey to self-discovery and acceptance. With this documentary, Zondervan hopes to share his compelling vision for how the Enneagram can bring hope and compassion into our lives with an even larger audience.”

What are Nine Personality Types?

  1. Honorable, responsible, honest, consistent, hard-working, reliable, and full of integrity. Ones strive for principled excellence as moral duty.
  2. Loving, nurturing, devoted, empathetic, generous, supportive, other-focused, and helpful. Twos strive for lavish love through self-sacrifice.
  3. Determined, ambitious, calculated, driven, competitive, practical, confident, and efficient. Threes strive for appreciative recognition through curated success.
  4. Sensitive, expressive, compassionate, introspective, sympathetic, idealistic, pensive, and emotionally attuned. Fours strive for the discovery of identity through faithful authenticity.
  5. Objective, insightful, steady, thoughtful, systematic, detached, eccentric, and fiercely independent. Fives strive for decisive clarity through thoughtful conclusions.
  6. Faithful, collaborative, dependable, reassuring, loyal, conscientious, trustworthy, and community-minded. Sixes strive for steady constancy through confident loyalty.
  7. Curious, energetic, charming, playful, imaginative, optimistic, spontaneous, upbeat, adventurous, and fast-thinking problem solvers. Sevens strive for imaginative freedom through inspired independence.
  8. Powerful, active, impulsive, direct, assertive, strong, truthful, protective, and justice-oriented. Eights strive for impassioned intensity for unfettered autonomy.
  9. Conciliatory, peace-filled, stable, easygoing, understanding, self-effacing, balanced, affable, receptive, accepting, and patient. Nines strive for harmonious peacefulness and congruent repose.

Nine follows Heuertz as he journeys across America speaking to people from each of the different profile types. The diverse guest list is comprised of people from all walks of life – chefs, musicians, labor trafficking survivors, parents, teachers, religious leaders, and more.


Nine Features These Six People

Top Row: Chris Heuertz, Christina Perri, Richard Rohr
Bottom Row: Morgan Harper, Ryan O’Neal, Shirley Chung (Zondervan)

Chris Heuertz, Author
An Enneagram coach, host of the Enneagram Mapmakers Podcast and TEDx speaker, Chris is the bestselling author of The Sacred Enneagram and The Enneagram of Belonging.

Christina Perri, Singer-Songwriter
From Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Christina has released back-to-back successful albums and EPs throughout her career, and now lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband, Paul Costabile, and daughter.

Richard Rohr, Author of Falling Upward
Rohr is an American author, spiritual writer, and Franciscan friar based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he founded the Center for Action and Contemplation.

Morgan Harper Nichols, Poet and Artist
Morgan’s work is inspired by real life interactions and stories. Her studio and shop, Garden24, is located in Orange County, California.

Ryan O’Neal, Singer-Songwriter
Ryan is a Chicago-based singer-songwriter, producer and composer for the musical project, Sleeping at Last. His music can be heard on TV shows and films such as The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn —Part 1, The Vampire Diaries, and Grey’s Anatomy.

Shirley Chung, Top Chef Finalist
A chef and restaurant owner based in Los Angeles, California, Shirley Chung is a fan favorite. She has opened many critically acclaimed restaurants, most recently Ms Chi Cafe.

The companion book by Heuertz, titled The Enneagram of Belonging: A Compassionate Journey of Self-Acceptance, was released last Tuesday. He believes the “Enneagram reveals both the ways you get lost and the ways you find your way home to your True Self and to God.”

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