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I Still Believe

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What a time for a movie to come out. I Still Believe was the #2 movie when it came to theaters last March. That’s pretty impressive for a faith-based film. It was at a great start, but then the Coronavirus hit the land and the theaters closed up shop.

But things are looking up. The movie just arrived on digital, DVD and Blu-ray yesterday. It stars KJ Apa (who plays Archie on Riverdale) and Britt Robertson (who appeared opposite George Clooney in Disney’s Tomorrowland – but this is a much better movie), you can win a copy of the movie, and together, we can ask Jeremy Camp (of who’s life the movie is based) a heap a questions that he’ll answer with a follow up video.

You can read my review of I Still Believe here, my interview with the movie’s directors Andy and Jon Irwin here and enter to win here. And while you wait to see if you’re a winner, start thinking about what you’d like to know about Jeremy Camp. Ask him about the film, his music, his life, his source of hope – anything you like. Type your questions in the comments section below!

I Still Believe trailer

An exclusive clip from I Still Believe

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