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The Dead Sea Squirrels

Bring The ‘Dead Sea Squirrels’ Back to Life

You may not recognize the name of Mike Nawrocki (who ironically sounds like a character from The Flintstones) but he’s been the voice of Larry the Cucumber since the VeggieTales series began back in 1993. He’s also the co-creator of the series. Now he’s back at the drawing board – literally – creating a new animated series called The Dead Sea Squirrels which is based on a series of early reader books of the same name (which he also wrote).

Get Your Life Back on Track

Giveaway: Get Your Life Back on Track

The Get Your Life Back on Track Giveaway features six of those resources and we are giving away all of them in one big prize pack worth over $130. The prize pack includes movies, books and words of inspiration from a variety of people of faith and culture including Jeremy Camp, Levi Lusko, Billy Graham, Bart Millard and others.