The Other Can Film Festival: and the Winner is…

Just in time ahead of the Oscars, the winner of the Bush’s Beans Can Film Festival has been announced and it is something special. This festival was the company‚Äôs first ever and probably won’t be the last given how many entries they received. Spokespeople for Bush’s say that they were blown away by the sheer volume of short videos (15-30 seconds each) that were submitted.

The grand prize of $50,000 was awarded to Graham Barbour who did a fantastic spoof featuring a female painting that looked suspiciously similar to Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel’s painting of “The Creation of Adam” with God’s outstretched hand holding a can of Bush’s beans and handing it to Adam. Who knows? Maybe we’ll be seeing this new ad during the Academy Awards this year.

Originally, the company was set on one winner and four runner ups, but after seeing the quality of the films, they awarded $2,500 prizes to 9 runner ups. And you have a front row seat to watch all ten of that wonderful bean footage. (Oh, come on – you knew I had to say it.)

To enjoy the Bush’s Can Film Festival now, visit

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