NeedtoBreathe’s Unique Album Release


Times have been tough for everyone and for rock bands relying on concert tours to help bolster music sales, they have to get creative. While NeedToBreathe won’t be touring the country any time soon, you will be able to welcome them into your home this month.

Coinciding with the band’s Out of the Body album release, NeedtoBreathe will present Celebrating Out of the Body, a fully immersive concert experience streamed from their Nashville studio on August 28. The high definition audio and video experience celebrates the album’s release (Elektra Records/Centricity Music) which also comes out the same day. Tickets for the concert and album purchases are available for pre-order now. Tickets for the concert are $10 each. For $30 you also get an exclusive poster and for $50 you’ll get the poster and a t-shirt. The concert airs live at 9 p.m. (EST).

(Elektra Records/Centricity Music)

The announcement comes shortly after the band released their fifth song from the album, “Banks.”

“This song is about the women in our lives… they are strong, ambitious, patient, caring, and intelligent forces of nature,” the band shared. “‘Banks’ is our way of saying we support you and that there’s nothing more beautiful than watching you effortlessly become the very thing you were made to be.”

On Out of Body, the platinum-certified trio—Bear Rinehart [vocals, guitar], Seth Bolt [bass, vocals], and Josh Lovelace [keys, vocals]—examine life, family, and friends through a youthful prism. The guys take stock of not only two decades as a band, but also first-time fatherhood and the future over a rich soundtrack of soulful rock with stadium-size scope and poetic intimacy. After spending a week at a beach house in Charleston to gather thoughts and ideas, the trio headed to Nashville, to record alongside producers Cason Cooley and Jeremy Lutito. As they cultivated a team atmosphere, the songs organically came to life.

To pre-order Out of the Body and/or get the concert tickets, visit the NeedtoBreathe website.

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