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NeedtoBreathe Releases New Singles


While NeedtoBreathe’s newest album Out of Body won’t be available until August 28, 2020, the group has already released four singles including, “Survival” and “Who Am I.” “Survival” starts out slow and simple but builds to a powerful climax. While some may consider the song to be a little “twangy”, there is no denying that it’s message is one needed right now.

I know that I’m found
And I can’t keep from hiding
Don’t have as choice but I get stuck deciding
I am a man in need of a constant revival
Jesus come quickly I need you for my survival


The secret sauce to the song is the inclusion of Drew & Ellie Holcomb.

“We met Drew & Ellie years ago backstage at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, Colorado. We fell in love with them… and to date they have toured with us more than any other band,” the band shared. “They have worked longer and harder than any other artist out there, and will be the first to admit that they nearly gave up a number of times. If there was ever a song to collaborate with them on, it’d be ‘Survival.’”

The song “Who Am I” is slow and quiet and features the many ponderings many of us have about the Father – who am I to be loved by you?

“Probably the biggest and most constant struggle I have in my life is being able to accept love. At some place in my core, it’s hard for me to believe that I’m ever worthy of it, or somehow deserve it,” shared vocalist Bear Rinehart. “‘Who Am I’ is a song about the fight to accept, embrace, and trust that the greatest love requires nothing in return.”

The way I put you through it, what you had to see I’m a train wreck, I’m a mess, you see the best and the worst in me Still I can’t imagine that I’ve learned your trust I don’t understand where your love comes from


On Out of Body, Bear Rinehart [vocals, guitar], Seth Bolt [bass, vocals], and Josh Lovelace [keys, vocals] examine life, family, and friends through a youthful prism. The guys take stock of not only two decades as a band, but also first-time fatherhood and the future over a rich soundtrack of soulful rock with stadium-size scope and poetic intimacy.

Out of Body follows 2016’s Hard Love, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top Current Album Sales Chart, and featured the gold-certified title track “Hard Love”. 

(Main Image: Jeremy Cowart)

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