Tag Just Got Complicated

Ultimate Tag

With The Masked Singer winding down on FOX, the network debuts a new reality competition series that looks like your favorite playground game on steroids. Co-hosted by NFL superstar siblings JJ, TJ and Derek Watt (what, no “DD”?), Ultimate Tag looks like a mashup of the game of chase that everyone is familiar with and American Gladiators. With names like The Viking, Caveman and Bulldog, these men and women (known as “Taggers”) look intimidating for sure and from what I can tell, it looks like there is more than just a simple tap to get your opponent out. (Check them out in the slideshow below.)

L-R: Bulldog (Ruel DaCosta) chases contestants. (FOX)

Chasing the contestants every step of the way are a variety of resident “professional” Taggers, larger-than-life characters who have a range of jaw-dropping athletic skills. These Taggers are intermittently released into the course, and only those contestants who can outlast them the longest will secure their place in the championship game and a chance at a huge cash prize.

NFL superstar brothers JJ Watt (C), Derek (L) and TJ (R) (Drew Herman / FOX)

Each week, competitors – who are everyday citizens and not professional athletes – must vault, dodge, tumble and dive over various epic, three-dimensional moving courses, all for one simple goal: don’t get caught. As competitors progress, they are challenged to take on even more extreme courses and earn points for their performance in each heart-pounding game.

Meet the Taggers

  • Banshee

Ultimate Tag premieres on Wednesday, May 20 at 9 p.m.

(Main image: FOX)

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