TobyMac’s Finds ‘Lost Demos’


Everyone’s world is turned upside down even for people like TobyMac who upon doing some spring cleaning in him home found seven never-released music tracks. The result is the new EP entitled Lost Demos.

“My Lost Demos EP was birthed in the quarantine/safer at home (Covid-19) season,” he says “I was digging through old laptops and hard drives and realized there were some beauties that hadn’t seen the light of day. Songs I could share that I hadn’t for one reason or another. Songs that have a special place in my heart but wound up on the island of ‘Misfit songs’. I hope some of these lost demos find a home in people’s headphones and maybe even their hearts. There are many reasons demos end up lost or forgotten. Most would assume they were not quite good enough to make the cut. But many times it may be that they simply don’t line up with the overall theme of an album or felt musically out of place within the body of work.”

(The Media Collective)

The collection contains songs recorded between 2014 and 2017. Personally, I really like the song “Rich” featuring Mr. Talkbox, and I hope it gets some airplay. “Love of My Life” is a lot of fun too. The EP is available on a variety of digital services.

Also new from TobyMac is “See The Light,” the newest single off his most recent project, The Elements. About the song, he said “The heart of this song is hope, and we can all use a little bit of that right now. This season will pass and we will see the light! I would’ve never imagined The Elements could be as extreme as what I’ve experienced the last 6 months of my life…Please remember everyone you know is fighting a battle. Hope hard, love harder. This road IS getting hard…but we will #SeeTheLight.”

(Main Image: The Media Collective)

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