TobyMac is Sorry. So Am I.

TobyMac's song "I'm Sorry"

The more I learn about TobyMac, the more impressed I become. Sure, he’s a big star in the Christian world and even respected outside of that. I’m sure that he’s got plenty of money and he doesn’t have to worry about making a name for himself. But his music and messages are changing. He’s becoming more transparent and relatable. Despite his fame, he’s still faces hardships like the rest of us. He lost his son a while back and wrote about it breaking everyone’s hearts along with his. Today he is releasing another emotional and thought-provoking song that is sure to stick with you.

“Over a year ago as I stood with my wife and a group of friends on the Arbel Cliffs in Israel, our tour guide began to recite by memory the Sermon on The Mount, completely unannounced” TobyMac remarked in an Instagram post this week. “The words of Jesus from Matthew 5, 6 and 7 struck me as if I had never read them before.  I realized just how far we have strayed from what Jesus is asking of us. This (song) is simply my response, not judgement. I am deeply sorry for how far we have fallen short, and Godly sorrow leads to repentence.  The church is God’s plan, and I love it…that’s why I had to write this song.”  

“I’m Sorry” is available across all DSP’s beginning today.

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