Sterling K. Brown follows Chrissy Metz’s lead Appearing in the Faith-Based Film ‘Rise’

Sterling K. Brown

This is Us star Chrissy Metz surprised many earlier this year by not only starring in the faith-based movie, Breakthrough but by also sharing her faith in Christ as well. Now it appears that co-star, Sterling K. Brown, is following her lead. Brown will appear as Coach Willie Davis in Affirm Films’ sports drama Rise. Based on a true story, Brown will play the role of Coach Willie Davis whose story is so inspirational, HBO Real Sports featured the coach’s story twice.

Affirm Films, who is currently enjoying a nice run for their film sports-themed movie Overcomer, brings another inspiring story next Easter. Rise tells the tale about a junior high school janitor who jumped at the chance to step in as the head coach of his school’s basketball team when the school was deciding on whether or not to cancel the program due to funding. Winning only four games in two years, no other man showed up to coach these young men and what happened when he did was extraordinary. From the very first practice, Coach Willie began to teach his team the basics of “The Lord, books and basketball” and soon they were heading for a run at the state championship.

“Sports films typically teach us something more than just ‘sports’. They leave us with a better understanding and knowledge of ourselves and what it takes to live our best life and lift up those around us, no matter the circumstances.” said Rich Peluso, Executive Vice President and Head of Affirm Films.

Rise is directed by Kevin Rodney Sullivan (Guess Who, How Stella Got Her Groove Back) who states “Willie Davis is a true American hero. I’m honored to tell his story on film and there’s nothing better than having Sterling K. Brown play the role.”

Rise comes to theaters on April 10, 2020.

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