Anna Camp Stars in Inspiring ‘5,000 Blankets’

When a woman’s husband suffers from a mental breakdown and ends ups missing, she and her young son go out looking for him on the streets of the city. During the process, they become up close and personal with a community they knew nothing about and end up sparking a movement of compassion. So begins the story of 5,000 Blankets, a new faith-based film starring Anna Camp.

“I’m so honored to be part of such a moving story,” says Camp, who plays Cyndi Bunch in the film. “This is a story about a woman of faith who believes in God, but who’s really struggling with why this painful thing happened to her. She has doubts and fears but ultimately, it’s a movie about overcoming them in the face of personal struggle. It’s also about loving others and making a difference on a daily basis.”

(Affirm Films)

In 5000 Blankets, it is Cyndi’s Son, Philip who leads a movement of generosity in a unique way. While looking for his father on the streets of Forth Worth, Texas, Philip and his mom come to the realization that thousands of homeless people would be left out in the cold when the temperatures plummet in the coming winter months. Together, they founded the charity Philip’s Wish and began collecting blankets to provide to those in need.

“One night as I was tucking Phillip into bed, he asked me, ‘Mommy, are you cold?’ And I said, ‘No, I’m fine.’ He goes, ‘Do you think daddy’s cold?,’” says the “real” Cyndi Bunch about the inspiration behind the charity. “I was just taken aback. I didn’t know how to even answer that… He just kept saying, ‘We need to get these blankets so we can warm them all up.’”

In addition to Camp, the new film also stars, Carson Minniear, Rob Mayes, Rod Hallett and Kim Myers. It is directed by Amin Matalqa.

“I was really moved when I first read the screenplay based on Cyndi and Phillip’s story,” says Matalqa. “I love capturing stories of dreamers and unsung heroes on film. I know audiences will find the story as inspiring as I did.”

Created by Affirm Films, 5,000 Blankets debuted this month with a short, two-night theatre run and received a lot of good word-of-mouth praise. The film begins streaming on Pure Flix beginning on January 5, 2023.

(Main Image: Affirm Films)

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