TaleFlick: It’s Like eHarmony for Writers and Studio Execs


Have you noticed how many movies and TV shows being released these days are sequels or reboots of earlier popular fare? So have the folks behind TaleFlick, a story curation company, which is a fancy way of saying that they are a company that helps writers and studio executives find each other. TaleFlick is composed of producers, filmmakers, writers and tech experts who are clamoring for original content. If you have written a fantastic story, published or unpublished, they want to help you bring the printed pages to a movie or TV screen.

Created by Uri Singer of Passage Films and George Berry, a former Netflix and Apple executive, TaleFlick offers its services online through what they call “The Marketplace.” After creating their own page, writers can be matched with vetted script writers who will offer ideas and suggestions on how to improve their story. Then, they can be found by the studios in search of great new material.

“The entertainment industry has never had an online marketplace that connects authors and studio executives, while also providing industry resources, jobs, tools and insights,” says Singer. “The new TaleFlick Marketplace is a gamechanger for the entertainment industry and was created to be a hub of activity where content creators and industry decision makers can come together to bring new stories to the screen.”

TaleFlick’s staff of industry experts meet regularly with various executives of TV and movie studios and have a good idea of what they are looking for in a story. Studios are constantly looking for Ms. or Mr. Write, and you just might be “the one.” Even if your story hasn’t been published yet, you just might be “the one.”

The process of setting up an account with TaleFlick is a fairly simple one:

  • Writers complete a questionnaire and profile, choose an annual plan and grant TaleFlick right of first refusal.
  • Your story is then curated and categorized on The Marketplace.
  • Studio people review the curated stories on The Marketplace and then ask permission to read the stories they like in full.

While not a guaranteed road to success, the road is paved pretty well. Each $88 story submission, the writer receives:

  • Review by the curation process team
  • Their story stored in the Marketplace
  • A profession pitch written for the story
  • Exposure to top studios, production companies and producers
  • Exposure to top publishers and agents for representation
  • Eligibility to enter the Top Picks catalog
  • Access to selected services such as editors, translators, and screenwriters.

This is good for just one story for a full year but can be renewed afterward.

However, for the starving artist, TaleFlick also offers a program where writers are allowed to turn in your work for free and the “website’s machine-learning technology” will curate the book for entry on the platform, but will not provide the writer access to the Marketplace.

The Marketplace isn’t just for writers, it’s also a great place for translators, editors, and book cover designers to promote themselves. Publishers and agents can benefit too helping you get your catalog of writers into the hands of studio executives and then get out of the way.

One of the best things about the TaleFlick is how they give back to others. Since they are a company of people who love great stories, it is only fitting that they give back in the form of stories as well. With their 1 Million Books 1 Million Children initiative, they plan to give one million books to one million children all around the world through various organizations, schools and those helping in natural disaster areas.

To learn more and read testimonies from others, check out the TaleFlick website.

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