Are You One Who Reads Truth?

He Reads Truth Bible

Created in 2015, He Reads Truth encourages men to not only read but engage in biblical scripture every day through a variety of reading plans that can be accessed on your phone and email. Now He Reads Truth comes in an old school format – a hardback Bible. I got a chance to review this new take on an old classic, and let me tell you, there’s a lot here.

Created by Christian Standard Bible, the He Reads Truth Bible, is much bulkier and heavier than your iPhone. The 6.5 x 6.75 x 2.5 tome weighs about 3.25 lbs despite that fact that it contains that super-light paper material found in just about all bibles that makes that crisp sound when you turn the pages. Though decidedly low-tech, this Bible packs a punch with curated reading plans for every book of the Bible plus a one-year Bible plan, hand-lettered key verse artwork (66 of them in fact), 125 charts, info-graphics and illustrations, 17 timelines, 21 maps and outlines with additional information about each book.

Now, if you’re expecting this Bible to take away offensive male pronouns that describe God or reduce the numbers of sins some find objectionable in this day and age, you’ll be disappointed. They’re still all here in this quality-made book with Smyth-sewn binding, line-matched Bible text and wide margins. Each page is printed with a Bible Serif typeface that was designed for easier Bible reading and a slightly larger font size than many of us are used to. The heavy duty book also comes with a matching sleeve/cover/case … I’m not sure what you call it.

One thing that I especially like about the He Reads Truth Bible is that it brings out the connections between the different books for better understanding. Some passages include notes sharing the basic meaning of the verses from the original context (like many verses found in the Old Testament) and how a fuller meaning can be understood in light of Jesus Christ’s ministry.

The creators of this Bible definitely put some thought into this new work while not trying to recreate the wheel. Suddenly, this book doesn’t look so overwhelming, but instead, inviting. Depending on the type of Bible-reader you are, you’ll find the right reading plan for you even if it is just a few minutes each day. Knowing that our lives run differently on the weekends, many of the reading plans are set up for the traditional five-day work week.

The He Reads Truth Bible is available in standard or indexed format, cloth-over-board material (evergreen or charcoal in color), genuine brown leather and black leathertouch.

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