Is Your Hairstyle Inspired by a Celebrity?

Well, maybe you’ve never done it, but for many, when it’s time to refresh their hairstyle, they tend to look to celebrities for style inspiration.

“When it’s time for a hair refresh, many of us look to celebrities for style inspiration. We search online for our favorite looks, take a screenshot or two, and then ask our stylists to work their magic,” says StyleSeat, an online destination for beauty and wellness professionals and clients. “Whether you’re checking out Zendaya’s new bob or Harry Styles’s latest (ahem) style, people are constantly searching for the latest looks as well as tips on how to style the newest trends in hair.”

To see what celebrity hair was the most popular across the country, StyleSeat analyzed Google search volume nationwide and by state. They looked into over 100 notable examples of celebrity hair and then pared down their list to the 30 most popular. While “The Rachel” hasn’t been a thing for years now, Jennifer Aniston leads the pack – by a long shot – that has the most popular celebrity hair overall. One thing that surprised the website was that seven of the top 10 most popular heads of hair belonged to men with Justin Bieber, Chris Hemsworth, Brad Pitt, and Harry Styles rounding out the top five most popular celebrity hairstyles. “Of course we don’t know whether most of those searches are motivated by inspiration or admiration, or perhaps a little bit of both,” says StyleSeat.

When it comes to most popular hairstyle by state, the results are all over the board. Instead of picking the most popular hairstyle of both men and women for each state, StyleSeat chose just the most popular overall. Here, Kim Kardashian is queen leading the charge in California, Arizona, Florida and Hawaii. Chris Hemsworth’s locks are popular in Texas, Jessica Alba in Washington and Kendall Jenner in New York. The complete list can be found here.

Do you agree with these results?

All images: StyleSeat

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