Netflix’ Interactive Cartoon Special

If you are like me, you gave up a few too many quarters into the video game Dragon’s Lair back in high school. The game was like no other as it featured real animation film footage created by former Disney animator Don Bluth who is probably better known as the director of An American Tale. What made this game so unique is that it played like a cartoon, because it was. The player would be given prompts where they would have to respond instantly and correctly, or they would lose a life and the cartoon would begin again. It was pretty revolutionary, but it also had drawbacks. It was terribly difficult to respond quickly and correctly enough and sometimes the machines would just glitch. Still, it was pretty cool.

Today, adults who were children in the 80’s are given a chance to relive a similar game in the comfort of their own home. No quarters needed.

James Adomian as Rowdy and Alan Lee as Peanut in Cat Burglar. Cr. (Netflix)

Beginning today, Netflix has released the interactive cartoon short Cat Burglar where the viewer will be given a series of “this or that” type of trivia questions to answer throughout the viewing. The premise is Rowdy Cat is the burglar who is set on stealing on prized paintings at a local museum and Peanut the Security Pup is tasked to stop him. How one answers the questions will either help or hinder the Rowdy with his crime.

Described as an “edgy, over-the-top, interactive, Tex Avery-inspired cartoon”Cat Burglar is surprisingly from Charlie Brooker, creator of Black Mirror. The animation is presented by Mike Hollingsworth, supervising director and producer on Bojack Horseman. By answering witty trivia questions, viewers must help Rowdy Cat get one over on Peanut the Security Pup and break into a museum to steal some prized paintings.

The average runtime of Cat Burglar is just fifteen minutes, but there is over 90 minutes of animation to explore when playing. Every time you watch, you get a different show as you unlock previously unseen sequences of Rowdy trying to outsmart Peanut.

I can’t wait to play.

(Main Image: Netflix)

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