Imagine Boarding the Starship Enterprise for Real

On August 19, 1921 Gene Roddenberry would have turned 100 years old (he passed away on October 24, 1991) and with that milestone, Roddenberry Entertainment is announcing a project that has been in the works but under wraps for awhile now. Gene’s son Rod has been working with legendary Star Trek visual artists Mike Okuda, Denise Okuda and Daren Dochterman on a decades-long collaboration with OTOY and other partners to capture and preserve Gene Roddenberry’s work for future generations to experience.

This Friday, at Creation in Las Vegas, the Gene Roddenberry Estate, OTOY and iconic Star Trek artists Denise and Mike Okuda, Doug Drexler and Daren Dochterman are unveiling ‘The Roddenberry Archive’ – a multi-decade collaboration to collect and preserve Gene Roddenberry’s legacy at the highest levels of fidelity and historical accuracy. This includes building a life-sized virtual Starship Enterprise!


The Roddenberry Archive is cataloguing key texts and documents from Gene Roddenberry’s life and career as well as canonically memorializing quiescent reference 3D models of the Starship Enterprise – including studio models as filmed on set and life-size 1:1 scale ‘in Universe’ versions. In the years ahead, the archive will continue to map out iconic reference designs from the Gene Roddenberry era of Star Trek – which includes the original Star Trek television series, the original six Star Trek motion pictures, and Star Trek: The Next Generation as well as its direct spin-offs.

The Roddenberry Archive team is further collaborating with holographic display pioneer, LightField Lab, to recreate a projected life-sized representation of the Starship Enterprise indistinguishable from reality on one of the world’s first fully immersive holographic installation experiences.

According to Rod Roddenberry, “I cannot think of a more capable and innovative company to trust with these materials. OTOY’s work will allow generations to experience my father’s contribution to humanity with the greatest historical accuracy possible. This project will protect an optimistic vision of the future, that has inspired so many and remains so important today.”

Founder and CEO of Light Field Lab, Jon Karafin noted, “There is no better way to commemorate Gene Roddenberry’s legacy than recreating his vision with holographic technology. Imagine one day being able to experience iconic moments from Star Trek as if you were aboard the Enterprise.” Karafin added, “We are on a mission at Light Field Lab to redefine the way people experience media with real holograms that until today existed only in science fiction. We are honored to take part in the Archive project.”

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