MercyMe Releases ‘Inhale (Exhale)’

In process for over two years, the 16-song collection that makes up MercyMe’s tenth studio record is finally being released today. Produced by Tedd T., Brown Bannister and Jordan Mohilowski, Inhale (Exhale) includes the song “Almost Home,” which has topped the charts for a combined total of 17 weeks. There’s also the buoyant “A Little Love” featuring lead vocalist Bart Millard’s close friend Gary LeVox, of the award-winning country super group Rascal Flatts, disco legend and friend Gloria Gaynor on “Brand New,” and “On Our Way,” features Millard’s son Sam Wesley.

A favorite at radio for over two decades, it’s no surprise that MercyMe’s “Say I Won’t” is already topping the national radio charts. If you haven’t heard it yet, check out this video.

MercyMe will appear on TBN’s HUCKABEE on May 15 and 16, and is excited to return to the Grand Ole Opry for a live Circle TV/Livestream performance on July 10, tickets for which are currently on sale at

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