This Day in Pop Culture for November 25

Three Men and a Baby

1987: Three Men Meet a Baby

Based on the French film, Trois hommes et un couffin, Three Men in a Baby was released in theaters on this day in 1987. Directed by Leonard Nimoy, the film followed the adventures of three bachelors trying to keep it together after finding an abandoned baby on their doorstep. Tom Selleck play architect Peter Mitchell, Steve Guttenberg play satirist Michael Kellam and Ted Danson played actor Jack Holden. The mother of the baby was played by Nancy Travis. It was the biggest box office hit of that year earning $240 million worldwide. It was also Walt Disney Studios first production to gross over $100 million domestically during its initial run. It was followed by the sequel Three Men and a Little Lady in 1990. (Touchstone Pictures)

2020: Saved by the Bell … Again

One of the crown jewels for NBC’s streaming service Peacock is a new version of Saved by the Bell. It serves as both a sequel and revival of the original series. It is not filmed in front of a live audience and is edgier with a little language thrown in too. The new show actually mocks the original’s wholesome charm. Elizabeth Berkley and Mario Lopez appear in every episode of the new series as a school counselor and P.E. teacher. Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Tiffani Thiessen also reprise their roles as Mr. and Mrs. Morris, the Governor and First Lady of California. Voorhies appeared in one episode as a grown-up Lisa Turtle working as a fashion designer living in Paris.

As for the students, the show features underprivileged Daisy Jimenez (Velazquez), Mac Morris (Hoog) son of Zack and Kelly, Lexi-DeFabrizio (Totah) a transgender cheerleader, ultracompetitive quarterback Aisha Garcia (Pascual-Pena), Jamie Spano (Cameli) the dumb-as-rock football captain (and son of Jessie) and drama student Devante Young (Darden).


  • 1920: Ricardo Montalban (actor)
  • 1944: Ben Stein (actor)
  • 1946: Marc Brown (author)
  • 1955: Don Hahn (film director)
  • 1955: Bruno Tonioli (choreographer)
  • 1960: Amy Grant (singer)
  • 1981: Jenna Bush Hager (jounalist)
  • 1991: Jamie Grace (singer)

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