Disney’s Brilliant Campaign to Support Make-A-Wish

The Walt Disney Company has been supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation for 40 years. To celebrate, Disney has created new campaign tied to a brand new three-minute long short simply called, From our Family to Yours. Created by Disney Animation Studios, this brilliant short features a filipino family, a strong message about the importance of family traditions and a great incentive for people to purchase a new stuffed Mickey Mouse.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is known for their generous gifts to children with critical illnesses granting them amazing wishes. Disney Parks became a partner with the foundation in 1980 when the first wish to go to Disneyland was granted. Since that time, 140,000 wishes to Disney theme parks have been granted globally. Disney is not only the largest “wish-granter” in the world, but one out of every two wishes granted in the USA by Make-A-Wish is for a trip to meet Mickey.

The new animated short begins in 1940 when a young Lola is given a stuffed Mickey Mouse from here father who has just returned from the war. The film jumps to 2005 with Lola, now a grandmother, shares the toy with her granddaughter while showing her how to make a star-shaped Christmas lantern. This becomes a tradition for the two until one year the granddaughter no longer wants to join in with the tradition breaking Lola’s heart. However, the granddaughter see’s how she hurt her grandmother and makes up with her in a beautiful way. The tear-jerker also features the song, “Love is a Compass” by Griff, a 19-year-old British singer.

From now until January 31, 2021, ShopDisney.com will give 25% of the sale price of every vintage Mickey Mouse (like the one featured in the short) purchased to Make-A-Wish. That’s almost $6.75 for each stuffed Mickey. This follows Disney’s other promotion, “Wishes Come True Blue”, also supporting the foundation and they say that other promotions are to come within the next two months.

Main Image: Disney

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