This Day in Pop Culture for October 19

Dances with Wolves

1990: Kevin Costner Dances with Wolves

Kevin Costner starred, directed and produced the movie Dances with Wolves which premiered in Washington, D.C. on this day in 1990. Costner developed the film, his first directorial debut, with an initial budget of $15 million. It made $242.2 million worldwide. Based on the 1988 book of the same name by Michael Blake, Costner played the role of John L. Dunbar, a Union Army lieutenant who traveled to the American frontier to find a military post and his interactions with a group of Lakota Native Americans. Among other things, the film was unique in that a lot of the dialogue was spoken in the Lakota language. The film was nominated for an even dozen of Academy Awards and won seven for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Film Editing, Best Cinematography, Best Original Score and Best Sound Mixing.

2018: The Scream Queen Reigns

There is a reason why Jamie Lee Curtis is known as the “scream queen.” She got the title shortly after appearing in the 1978 film, Halloween. Though she appeared in three of the franchise’s sequels, it was her appearance in 2018’s chapter (also called Halloween for some reason) that has made an impact. The film made a record $77 million for a horror movie that starred a female lead and it was the biggest debut of any film with a female lead over the age of 55.

2020: We’re Out of Peanuts

Good grief. It was on this day that Apple TV+ announced that they had won the rights to all of the Peanuts TV specials. After 54 years of being shown on CBS and then later ABC, A Charlie Brown Christmas (and all of the others) would no longer be shown on regular broadcast television.

Movies Released

  • AXL (2018)
  • Jobs (2013)
  • The Usual Suspects (1995)
  • Uncle Buck (1989)

TV Series Debuts

  • A

Famous Birthdays

  • 1932: Robert Reed (actor)
  • 1945: John Lithgow (actor)
  • 1962: Evander Holyfield (boxer)
  • 1964: Ty Pennington (TV host)
  • 1966: Jon Favreau (film director)
  • 1968: Rodney Carrington (comedian)
  • 1970: Chris Kattan (actor)
  • 1983: Rebecca Ferguson (actress)
  • 1991: Colton Dixon (singer)

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