Amy Grant Shares About Her Heart Surgery

Amy Grant

You might not be aware of this, but singer Amy Grant went in for a life-saving heart surgery a couple of months ago for a condition that she was born with, but not aware of. Grant had a birth defect called partial anomalous pulmonary venous return (PAPVR) and she was told that she would need surgery before she tuned 60.

As it turns out, Grant was with Vince Gill, her husband, when he had some preventative tests done by his cardiologist. He then turned to Grant and asked her how she was doing health-wise and convinced her to have some tests done herself.

“They were doing an ultrasound of my heart and the doctor came in. He said, ‘Vince, this is the kind of situation where Amy would be fine, fine, fine and then one day it would be catastrophic,’” Grant told Robin Roberts on Good Morning America Thursday. “And we don’t know when that would be, but it would have been sooner rather than later.”

Though the process hasn’t the easiest, Grant says that she’s feeling better ever.

“If I have got something wrong, anybody could have something wrong,” she said. “My message would be, take a minute and take care of yourself. You don’t know that something is wrong unless you make sure it’s right.”

Watch the whole interview below.

(Main image: ABC)

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