The Greatest Stay-at-Home Videos

Stayathome videos

Crazy times call for crazy measures and CBS celebrates human’s creativity in a unique sign-of-the-times TV special. Previously announced as #HOMEVIDEOS: A Global Phenomenon, CBS wisely considered changing this special’s title to The Greatest #Stayathome Videos where Cedric the Entertainer will introduce a variety of viral home videos while folks have been social distancing. From the humorous to the heartwarming, they’re all here. You’ve probably shared a few of these already.


According CBS, Cedric the Entertainer will guide viewers through video moments from our communal quarantine, providing an entertaining and uplifting snapshot of our world at an unprecedented time. Each video that was selected as part of the show, CBS is giving a monetary donation toward a qualifying charity of the participants’ choice.


The Greatest #Stayathome Videos airs on Friday, May 15 at 8 p.m. on CBS

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