This Day in Pop Culture for April 23

1985: New Coke is Put on Store Shelves

One of America’s products biggest flops arrived on store shelves on this day in 1985. After a long and successful run with its original formula, Coca-Cola decided to create “the new taste of Cola-Cola” with “New Coke.” Those old enough to remember, know that the marketing for the new product was a complete failure. Three months later, the red cans came back on the shelves re-branded as “Coca Cola Classic.” Many have speculated that the change in formula was just a big marketing stunt, but Coke has always maintained that the “new” Coke was just an attempt to replace the original product. However, the beverage did come back briefly in 2019 as part of a promotion of Netflix’s hit series, Stranger Things which storyline takes place in 1985. (Image: Wikipedia)

2007: ‘The Real Wedding Crashers’

It was on this day in 2007 that NBC aired the first episode The Real Wedding Crashers loosely based on Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’s 2005 comedy, The Wedding Crashers. The prank TV series was produced by Ashton Kutcher’s production company who set up various stunts to be played by actors at different real weddings. Relax – the bride and groom were always in on the joke. The show starred Steve Byrne, Ben Gleib, Desi Lydic, Catherine Reitman, and Gareth Reynolds. Six episodes of the show were filmed but only four of them actually aired before NBC cancelled the show.

The Real Wedding Crashers
(NBC/Mitchell Haaseth)


  • 1928: Shirley Temple (actress)
  • 1932: Jim Fixx (runner)
  • 1936: Roy Orbison (singer)
  • 1939: Lee Majors (actor)
  • 1942: Sandra Dee (actress)
  • 1946: Blair Brown (actress)
  • 1954: Michael Moore (film director)
  • 1957: Jan Hooks (actress)
  • 1960: Valerie Bertinelli (actress)
  • 1961: George Lopez (comedian)
  • 1977: John Cena (pro wrestler)
  • 1977: John Oliver (comedian)

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