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This Day in Pop Culture for April 22

2012: ‘Veep’ Premieres

After a successful run on the sitcoms Seinfeld (1989-1998) for NBC and The New Adventures of Old Christine (2006-2010) for CBS, Julia Louis-Dreyfus turned to HBO for her next project. Created by Armando Iannucci as an adaptation of his sitcom The Thick of It, Veep focused on Selena Meyer, the first female vice president of the United States albeit a fictional one. Debuting on this day in 2012, Veep also starred Anna Chlumsky, Tony Hale, Reid Scott, Timothy Simons, Matt Walsh, Sufe Bradshaw, Kevin Dunn, Gary Cole, Sam Richarson, Sarah Sutherland and Clear DuVall. Over its seven-year run, Veep won numerous awards including six Emmys which belonged to Julia. The show’s finale episode aired on May 12, 2019.

1864: America’s Two-Cent Coin

On this day in 1864, US federal law changed the design of the penny coin actually authorizing the minting of a two-cent coin with the Coinage Act. As a result of the law, the phrase, “In God We Trust” was first minted on the coin. Later the next year on March 3rd, Congress allowed the Mint Director to place the phrase on all gold and silver coins. In 1956, “In God we Trust” replaced “E Pluribus Unum” as the nation’s motto.



  • 1923: Bettie Page (model)
  • 1923: Aaron Spelling (TV producer)
  • 1936: Glen Campbell (singer)
  • 1943: Janet Evanovich (author)
  • 1950: Peter Frampton (singer)
  • 1959: Ryan Stiltes (actor)
  • 1966: Jeffrey Dean Morgan (actor)
  • 1967: Sherri Shepherd (actress)
  • 1986: Amber Heard (actress)
  • 1986: Marshawn Lynch (football player)

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