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This Day in Pop Culture for February 27

1979: ‘Cliffhangers’ Debuts

Those of a certain age will remember that on this day in 1979, The “New NBC” had attempted to bring back the old movie serial for the modern age with three shows in one. Cliffhangers was a collection of three mini genre shows shown back in a one-hour time slot with each episode ending with a cliffhanger. The interesting test began with the mystery, Stop Susan Williams, which was inspired by The Perils of Pauline and starred Susan Anton. The middle adventure show, The Secret Empire was inspired by The Phantom Empire and starred Geoffrey Scott. The last was the horror story of The Curse of Dracula which starred Michael Nouri who played a modern count living in San Francisco. Cliffhangers did not fare well against ABC’s Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley. The show was cancelled after 10 airings which only featured the ending of the Dracula story. The others were left the air as … cliffhangers.

1980: The First (and last) Grammy for Best Disco Recording

In a day when new music genres seem to be cropping up every week, it is interesting to note that the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences have issued only one award for the Best Disco Recording and that was given on this day in 1980. By the time the Grammy’s decided to include Disco as a category, the fad music was pretty much dead. “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gainer was the big winner that night. The other nominees were: Earth, Wind & Fire for “Boogie Wonderland;” Michael Jackson for “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough;” Donna Summer for “Bad Girls” and Rod Stewart for “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” In January 2020, Gainer won her second Grammy Award in her career for her roots gospel album Testimony.


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