This Day in Pop Culture for February 15

1950: Cinderella Goes to the Ball

It was on this day in 1950 that Walt Disney Studios saw its greatest hit since Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs when Cinderella appeared in theaters for the first time. Before it, the studio was over $4 million in debt. To help reduce costs, Cinderella was the first feature to use extensive live action reference. About 90% of the film was actually filmed with a live model before the animation process began. Ilene Woods won the speaking role of Cinderella (Karen Overby was the singing voice) beating out 309 other women without actually auditioning. Woods made some recordings of Disney songs for her friends who then sent them to Walt Disney who thought she had the right “fairy tale tone” to her voice. The movie was nominated for three Academy Awards including Best Music and Original Song (“Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo”). Two straight to video sequels were produced many years later and in 2015, a live action version of the story was filmed that starred Lily James. (Image: Disney)

1903: The First Teddy Bear is Sold

Morris Michtom began selling stuffed bears in his toy shop on this day in 1903. Earlier, he had asked President Theodore Roosevelt for permission to use the president’s nickname, Teddy. The president agreed and soon, other toy companies were churning out copies of their own “Teddy Bears.” Can you imagine it happening again? Who wouldn’t want a Donald Bear? (Image: Wikimedia)


  • 1907: Cesar Romero (actor)
  • 1927: Harvey Korman (actor)
  • 1951: Melissa Manchester (singer)
  • 1951: Jane Seymour (actress)
  • 1954: Matt Groening (animator)
  • 1955: Janice Dickinson (model)
  • 1958: Matthew Ward (singer)
  • 1964: Chris Farley (actor

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