Meet the Crew from ‘The Biggest Loser’ Reboot

The Biggest Loser 2020

The Biggest Loser is back, but this time it has a few changes including the fact that it has been moved from NBC to USA. Last year when NBC Universal announced the show’s reboot, they explained how this new version is different from the show we’ve all seen before.

“We’re re-imagining The Biggest Loser for today’s audiences, providing a new holistic, 360-degree look at wellness, while retaining the franchise’s competition format and legendary jaw-dropping moments,” said Chris McCumber, President, Entertainment Networks – USA Network & SYFY.

This new season will follow the journeys of 12 contestants as they transform their lives; not only focus on losing weight and achieving better overall health, but also confronting the obstacles in their lives that made them unhealthy in the first place. Each episode will reveal compelling personal stories of the contestants.

The Host and Trainers

Erica Lugo, Bob Harper and Steve Cook. (USA Network)

The Biggest Loser is also different this time as it will be hosted by former trainer, Bob Harper. Harper was a staple for 17 seasons on the original version of the mega-hit reality series and has consistently dedicated his life to inspiring healthy lifestyles in others, even as he battled his own health obstacle via a heart attack in 2017.

“I’ve learned a lot over the last two years since suffering a heart attack,” said Harper. “I know more than ever that it’s about overall health and living your absolute best life inside and out, plus finding ways to overcome the everyday obstacles that we all face. That is what we are doing with the show. We are going to be changing lives and it is going to be big. I cannot wait to get started!”

The 10-episode show will also feature two new trainers, Steve Cook and Erica Lugo, who are not only good at what they do, they can relate to the contestants. Before she became a trainer, Lugo herself was a big loser weighing over 300 pounds! She eventually lost 160 pounds but then in 2018, she had to battle thyroid cancer. As for Steve, he’s a former bodybuilding champion but his fame eventually caused him to focus too much on how he looked and would binge eat when he didn’t feel perfect.

The Blue Team

(L-R) Delores Tomorrow, Kyle Yeo, Kim Davis, Micah Collum, Megan Hoffman and Robert Richardson II. (USA Network)
  • Delores Tomorrow: Coming from Chicago, IL, Delores is the founder of a non-profit serving teen girls of color and event planner who served on the Advance Team for former First Lady Michelle Obama. She is starting at 280 pounds.
  • Kyle Yeo: Born and raised in Kansas City, MO, Kyle is starting his journey on the show at 302 pounds. He has the support of his family as he tackles this next step in feeling comfortable in his own skin and finding personal acceptance.
  • Kim Davis: From Mulberry, TN, Kim is a breast cancer survivor and is now ready to face her second biggest battle: her weight of 242 pounds.
  • Micah Collum: At age 23, Micah is one of youngest competitors this season and has a lot of his past to overcome. He grew up with six siblings, his parents divorced and his mother struggled with addiction. Since he graduated high school he gained 100 pounds and begins his journey on the show at 326 pounds.
  • Megan Hoffman: 35-year-old Megan comes from Simi Valley, CA and serves as an operations and retention director at her gym constantly facing that she isn’t walking the talk about health. She begins on the show with 290 pounds.
  • Robert Richardson II: Son of a NFL football player, Robert works as a territory sales manager for a tobacco company in Lafayette, LA. He wanted to play professional ball too, but was held back due to a number of injuries. He has the most to lose starting at 409 pounds.

The Red Team

(L-R) Teri Aguiar, Domenico Brugellis, Katarina Bouton, Kristi McCart, Jim BiBattista and PhiXavier Holmes. (USA Network)
  • Teri Aguiar: Now serving as a flight nurse in Columbia, IL, Teri is the former Miss Missouri 1999. She is recently divorced and battling 256 pounds.
  • Domenico Brugellis: Hailing from New York City, Domenico is a former chef and currently serves as a food manager with the department of education. He says that he struggles balancing his love for Italian food and keeping a healthy weight. He’s starting out at 323 pounds.
  • Katarina Bouton: This 23-year-old cardiac nurse comes from Jacksonville, FL and has struggled with her weight for most of her life. She wants to shed some of the 293 pounds she is carrying.
  • Kristi McCart: Kristi is busy wife, mothers and family law and estate planning attorney in Riverview, FL. She believes that her weight is causing issues with her being able to conceive a second child. She starts the show with 264 pounds.
  • Jim BiBattista: This father of three boys serves a coach for a local youth football team in Philadelphia, PA. After losing his parents at a young age, he doesn’t want the same fate for himself. He want to lose a lot of his 385 pounds that he is carrying.
  • PhiXavier Holmes: Known as “Jukebox” by students and co-workers at the school where this counselor serves in Washington D.C., PhiXavier gained a lot of her weight after her father passed away. She begins the show at 357 pounds.

Good luck to all of these “losers” – we’re rooting for you!

The Biggest Loser begins Tuesday, January 28 at 9 p.m. on USA.

(Main Images: USA Network)

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