This Day in Pop Culture for January 15

Super Bowl 1967

1967: The First Super Bowl

The annual championship game of the NFL, The Super Bowl, was first played on this day back in 1967. Originally, the game was created as part of the merger between the NFL and the AFL. The Green Bay Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs 35 to 10, the halftime show was presented by the University of Arizona and the University of Michigan bands. The game was broadcast on CBS (24.43 million viewers) and NBC (26.75 million viewers) and the cost of a 30 second commercial was $42,000. In comparison, 2020’s Super Bowl featured Jennifer Lopez and Shakira during its halftime show, 102 million viewers tuned in and each 30 second commercial was fetched for $5.6 million. (Image: Wikimedia)

1870: The First Political Cartoon Featuring a Donkey

Of course, the most common mascot symbol for the Democratic Party has been the donkey. The story goes that Andrew Jackson’s enemies made fun of his name to “jackass” as a term of ridicule, but the Democrats liked it! It was on this day in the pages of Harper’s Weekly where the Democratic Jackass was first presented. Cartoonist Thomas Nast featured the donkey in his drawing called “A Live Jackass Kicking a Dead Lion.”


1919: A Sticky Situation

A wave of molasses that sprang from a exploding storage tank created the Great Molasses Flood in Boston, Massachusetts.


  • 1929: Martin Luther King, Jr. (activist)
  • 1947: Andrea Martin (actress)
  • 1968: Chad Lowe (actor)
  • 1971: Regina King (actress)
  • 1988: Skrillex (music producer)
  • 2004: Grace VanderWaal (singer)

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