Kelly Clakson’s Show Debuts Today

The Kelly Clarkson Show

Grab a comfy seat and have your sweet tea at the ready as The Kelly Clarkson Show. The Grammy Award-winning Southern belle who utters the word “ya’all” after every other sentence, stars in her own syndicated talk show beginning today. NBC, who produces the one-hour daytime show, says Clarkson “uses her gift of connection to bring viewers something new: a fun, energetic show that breaks with tradition.” I suspect that it will also serve as a tool to promote various NBC shows and Universal movies.

“In each episode audiences will experience an hour full of remarkable stories, celebrity guests, spontaneous surprises, humor, heart and, of course, good music!” says NBC. The result is a super-sweet gabfest. Clarkson herself says that she can talk for hours and you won’t find a nicer or most hospitable host.

For her opening show, Kelly’s first guest ever is Dwayne Johnson who is actually filling in for Kevin Hart who was injured in a recent car crash. He’s probably a nice as she is since he actually cut his honeymoon short to make the appearance! Kelly made a joke that his wife probably hates her. I doubt it. It doesn’t seem possible for anyone to hate Clarkson, but her show is still a bit rough. While Kelly has the talk show portion of her show down well, the show features a few awkward moments including a bit where Kelly “surprises” two cast members from This is Us with a Bundt cake since she is a new “neighbor” and plays a little “This is Me” game with them. Another awkward segment featured a woman who shares how she “yarn bombed” the show. (I never heard of it either.)

The Kelly Clarkson Show
Jennifer Garner, Matt Iseman appear on The Kelly Clarkson Show on September 11, 2019. (Adam Torgerson/NBCUniversal)

One of the segments on Monday’s show is the called “Rad Humans” where Kelly celebrates a woman who ran a food pantry operation in Beaverton, Oregon for 40 years until she lost her lease. The end result of this segment is beautiful, but it was a little rough getting there. After the short introduction video, Clarkson introduces the woman and the crowd goes wild. It was if the audience had never heard of a food bank before. Then Kelly asks the woman to share about the now defunct outreach program. I suspect that this woman knew that a gift was coming her way, but how the show did it was pretty cool. Many people outside of Kelly’s show got together to raise funds for a new location for the food pantry and many of them were invited on the show as well. While the woman was truly thankful for everything, it was Kelly that was in tears and you have to love her for that.

This week’s future guests include Ellen DeGeneres and John Legend on Tuesday, Jennifer Garner and Matt Iseman on Wednesday, Jay Leno and Bryce Vine on Thursday and Chance the Rapper on Friday.

Check out more about The Kelly Clarkson Show here including local stations and times.

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