It’s a Whole New [Jurassic World] at Universal Studios Hollywood

Jurassic World at Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood has been coy with information on the opening date of the new Jurassic World – The Ride opening “sometime” this summer. However, the theme park has spilled some new information about the upgraded Jurassic Park attraction in recent weeks as seen in the TV spot where pandemonium disrupts several elaborate film productions underway on Universal Studios’ bustling movie studio backlot, sending cast and crew running for their lives. As panic and chaos ensue, the source is revealed: Jurassic World’s unstoppable Tyrannosaurus rex tramples her way (did we know that Rex was female?) across sets and sound stages.

Like many of the other attractions in the park, guests will get a chance to walk into the Jurassic World with a new original storyline that takes place within the theme park as depicted in Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment’s film, Jurassic World, on the day the Indominus rex escapes.

Welcome to Jurassic World

Jurassic World—The Ride comes to life under the direction of the award-winning and inspired minds at Universal Creative, the Academy Award®-winning special-effects visionaries at Industrial Light & Magic, Universal Pictures and acclaimed filmmakers Steven Spielberg, Colin Trevorrow and Frank Marshall. I suspect they spared no expense while making it.

Compared to the ride that preceeded it, this new attraction will dramatically enhance guests’ experience in a theme park within a theme park. The section features a fresh new entry statement, stonework landscaping and a contemporary redesign of the iconic Jurassic World gates, illuminated with billowing flames.

Engaging and interactive queue-line videos featuring facts and information about the dinosaurs within the ride will set the tone for the expedition ahead, as guests learn more about these imposing prehistoric creatures that first roamed the earth more than 65 million years ago.

In addition to featuring several iconic dinosauras from the movies, the new ride will also feature the aquatic Mosasaurus that will mesmerize onlookers in her natural habitat from behind a three million gallon glass encased Aquarium Observatory tank. (You can get a sneak peek at this character in the commerical.)

The Experience
Once aboard specially designed rafts, guests will navigate the lush environs of dense vegetation, traversing new areas besieged with towering dinosaurs meandering at just an arm’s length away from visitors.  Encounters with such docile creatures as the Stegosaurus and Parasaurolophus will quickly turn awry as predatory Velociraptors and Dilophosaurus begin to wreak havoc, turning guests from spectators to prey.  When the Tyrannosaurus rex begins to battle one of the attraction’s new ferocious dinosaurs, the rafts will spill down a treacherous 84-foot waterfall as the sole means of escape.

Located adjacent to the ride will be a new elaborately themed Raptor Encounter where Blue, the most beloved Velociraptor from the franchise, will engage guests in daring face-to-face encounters. In addition, a new interactive Dino Play area will incorporate educational components within an inspired space where children of all ages can explore and excavate giant dinosaur fossils.

According to the website, the Jurassic Café is currently closed for refurbishment with a “new concept coming soon.” I hope they keep the theming and menu similar as this was one of the park’s best family restaurants with “dino-sized” portions.

Photo: Universal Studios Hollywood

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