What Every Xbox Gamer Needs

Numskull Designs has just announced their full line of Xbox branded merchandise which is full of stuff you didn’t know you needed to have. Whether you’re an old-school fan of the original Xbox, Xbox 360 Xbox One, there is something for everyone.

Launching in May, the full range of products include Official Xbox One Controller metal keychains, “Achievement Unlocked” keychains, Metal Badge heat mugs, socks, and carbon fiber wallets. My personal favorite is the set of Xbox One Controller Button Coasters.

Numskull Designs

When it comes to the global gaming icon that is Xbox, it doesn’t get much more iconic than the controller’s bold, multi-colored buttons. Representing the ‘X’, ‘Y’, ‘A’ and ‘B’ buttons, these high quality coasters will stay firm atop any table so you can enjoy your gaming session without fear of spillage or stains. Whether you drink coffee or soda, your wife/mom will thank you.

Numskull Designs

Another product worth mentioning is the Xbox One Pattern Snapback. Numskull is “incredibly proud” to offer the hat that features a slick, subtle design with rubber ‘Xbox’ logo details. Despite what my wife says, they promise that this cap looks good on anyone’s head.

These Xbox products are now available to preorder now.

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