Jackbox Games Releases Quiplash 2 InterLASHional Early

Quiplas 2 Interlashional

Quiplas 2 Interlashional

In an effort to address isolation being experienced around the world, Jackbox Games is releasing Quiplash 2 InterLASHional today on Steam for Windows/Mac/Linux. This is the first fully localized title from Jackbox Games for Germany, Italy, Spain, France and good ol’ USA.

In this party game, players type in their best response to a random prompt. Then, player responses are pitted against each other in a head-to-head battle while the rest of the players (and audience) vote on their favorite. Up to eight of your party guests can join, simply by using their smartphones, opening a web browser, and visiting Jackbox.tv. An audience of up to 10,000 will also be able to send in votes, to finally settle which one of your guests has the best sense of humor. This works great when playing with large parties on streaming sites or over video conferences. 

(Jackbox Games)

“In the past few weeks, we have seen a global surge of players using our games to connect with each other while on video conference calls or while stuck at home with family,” said Mike Bilder, CEO of Jackbox Games. “During these difficult times, it’s our hope that this game can provide moments of joy and connection. That is why we have decided to release the title early.” 

Quiplash 2 InterLASHional is out now on Steam. Releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch are to follow. No hardware is needed except for a Windows or Mac computer and a mobile device or web browser for each player to use as their controller. It’s even in your own language, so no more embarrassing typos when writing in English! Really, there’s no excuse not to play.

Main Image: Jackbox Games

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