Elton John Says Farewell with Roblox

Whether weird or wonderful, Elton John has entered into the world of Roblox. This month, Elton John Presents: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road was unveiled on the global online platform. It was created by Elton himself along with Rocket Entertainment and over 20 Roblox community creators with support from Universal Music Group. The virtual experience is said to offer fans a new way to enjoy the singer’s hit songs while expressing themselves through his style of fashion. Special performance will also be presented from November 17-20, 2022 as well.

In a recent press release, the project says that this “unique experience will let fans follow the yellow brick road through an interactive world inspired by Elton’s life and legacy and discover it through the eyes of the Roblox community, learning what Elton’s unparalleled influence means to them.”


The experience includes Elton’s iconic digital fashion and photographs of memorable moments, interactive challenges set to his greatest hit songs, daily scavenger hunts, and trivia quizzes. The digital fashion collection on virtual display is inspired by Elton’s most celebrated outfits and eyewear, including free items made with the Los Angeles Dodgers and Major League Baseball and inspired by the outfit Elton wore at his legendary concert in 1975. Fans can try on complete outfits or mix-and-match individual items to recreate Elton’s look on their avatar and shop the full collection available to visitors globally.

So, who is this for? Of course, many adults have fond memories of the music of Elton John and according to Statista, a lot of them are spending time on Roblox. Over 50 million people play on the game site every day. Of those, over 24 million of them are under the age of 14. Those include Elton’s own children.

“I’ve seen the joy that Roblox has brought to my boys, and the possibility it creates by the ability to interact with fans in such an exciting and forward-looking way has been mind-blowing to me,” Elton says. “I’ve always been myself and used my image, eyewear, and music to express myself, and Roblox really encourages that self-expression. Now my fans can do the same, and that’s really exciting. At every step of my career, I’ve always wanted to push forward and look to the future, and Beyond the Yellow Brick Road is the next step on that journey as I prepare to step away from live touring after 50 years on the road. It’s genuinely thrilling, and I can’t wait to see the response from my fans and the Roblox community.”


The Roblox community is also invited to a special performance taking place within the Beyond the Yellow Brick Road experience starting on November 17th, with additional performances re-airing hourly through November 20th. This series of ten-minute virtual performances will offer fans a new way to feel part of his final ever U.S. shows. The timing is significant in that this will coincide with Eton’s run of Dodger Stadium shows – it is the first time back since his legendary performance in 1975.

Some players may even see their avatars appearing on stage with Elton. While exploring various interactive challenges, players can earn and collect yellow bricks which will allow the chance to gain VIP access to hear a dedicated message from Elton and have their avatar appear on stage with him at his final Dodger Stadium show on November 20th.

After the Dodger Stadium concerts, Elton John: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road will continue to live on – with new experiences, music, fashion, and more – as an immersive timeless capsule of his craft in the metaverse.

Main Image: Roblox

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