William Shatner Wants to Wish You a Happy Birthday

You’ve heard of those services where you can pay to have a celebrity call and wish your loved one a happy birthday? Now you can do one better for a fraction of the cost. Seriously. William Shatner can’t wait to share a personalized version of “Shout” for a birthday or special event. Meghan Trainor is happy to sing how it’s “All About That Cake” with her birthday greeting. And Marlee Matlin will sign “When You’re Smiling” to help cheer a friend up.

The greeting card company, American Greetings has been offering “electronic cards” for years now, which are great, but they have managed to step up a notch with their new line of SmashUps. With this new service, celebrities like Weird Al Yankovic, Christina Aguilera, Dolly Parton, Alicia Keys, Donny Osmund, Michael Bolton, Shaquille O’Neal and Kevin Nealon literally will sing the praises of your chosen recipient. Each can be personalized with the star addressing the recipient by name (or “title” like grandma) and most can be tailored for different events or occasions. Each “card” is completely different and shows off the different celebrity personality. They are amazing and will leave you wondering, “How did they do that?”

(American Greetings)

I was given access to this new service right around my wife’s birthday and she is a fan of Shatner, so that is the card that I chose. When she opened it, she was dumbfounded but delighted. My brother’s birthday was four days later, so I sent him a message from Yankovic. Same response. So easy and I didn’t even need to lick a stamp.

Simply choose your favorite celebrity, select unique personalizations for your recipient, then preview and send your original masterpiece. You can even create your own personalized songs.

In addition to SmashUps, American Greetings also offers thousands of other e-cards that feature famous songs, beautiful animation and uplifting quotes that can be customized by you. And you can try out this service free for a whole week. Just sign up you can send a bunch of e-cards with American Greetings 7-day trial offer. You could even send one to yourself!

Main Image: American Greetings

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