Play Judge with ABC’s ‘Who Do You Believe’

There is something so intriguing about true crime stories featured on TV. Whether it be the smooth-talking voice of Keith Morrison of Dateline or the sharp retorts of Judge Judy, we Americans are hooked on who-did-what-to-whom and if they got away with it or not. Now, there is a new show to consider and fully entertaining if you are into that sort of thing.

Who Do You Believe is a new show on ABC arriving early of the summer schedule which is unique in its storytelling allowing one side to share their story and the other side to contradict it. And vice versa. The new series features simultaneous storytelling to take viewers through compelling true-crime cases from dual perspectives. In each episode, the audience steps into the shoes of two contrasting narratives to hear the recounts directly from the victims and criminals with never-before-revealed details, according to ABC.

You then get to play armchair detective to compare and piece together the different versions of the story to find the truth. There are two sides to every story – and there’s no telling how far one would go for their marriage, child or way of life. While there is truth to be found in both stories, the “correct” answer won’t always be easy to decipher. Within this unique storytelling format, every episode culminates by revealing key details from the adjudicated cases leaving you to question…well, you know.

The first episode, called “Overwhelming Charity”, which aired on May 3rd, interviewed former married couple, Mark Athans and Charity Parchem who met online, fell in love quickly, got married even quicker and then dissolved their marriage due to numerous accusations. It’s a great story to start the series with and don’t be surprised if you start having opinions on these two pretty fast. He says that she was a money-grabber. She says that he was controlling. Both remember the same events but with different outcomes. Who was lying? Who tried to kill the other and where is the proof? It’s too bad that their attorneys didn’t need my help, because I have a few ideas and you will too.

While I’m still hoping that ABC brings back last summer’s guilty pleasure, The Con with host Whoopi Goldberg, this will do for now.

Who Do You Believe airs on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

Main images: Charity Parchem and Mark Athans (ABC)

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