Pop Culture Hotel Celebrates ‘Ghostbusters’

The Curtis Hotel in downtown Denver, Colorado is known for its pop culture accommodations. Here you’ll find “hyper-themed” rooms based on video games, sports, Barbie, chick flicks, Star Trek, disco, talk shows and more. This weekend, the hotel is celebrating the opening of Ghostbusters: Afterlife with an all out hotel celebration.

The incredible lobby at The Curtis Hotel.

If you are lucky enough to get reservations for Friday, November 19th, The Curtis is offering a free event which includes a screening of the original Ghostbusters movie, green beverages, slimy green popcorn and a Ghostbusters trivia contest. This is great and all, but the star of the show is a stay in the Ghostbusters Suite.

The scary 13th Movie Floor at The Curtis.

Found on the hotel’s 13th “scary movie floor,” the Ghostbusters Suite features an over-the-top experience. The crisp, white walls contrast against the “Slimer Green” flooring (which moves under one’s feet), the drapes are printed with repeating Ghostbusters symbols and the Ecto-1 car is featured above the bed. Snacks available include an “ectoplasm” drink and sticky, Slimer green popcorn. In addition, some of the hotel staff have been known to dress up in the iconic jumpsuits from the movies and Vigo the Carpathian (from the second movie) might show up in the bathroom.

A. “The Everything Ghost Hunting Book
B. Golden skull
C. “Slimer” popcorn
D. Ectoplasm drinks
E. Ghostbusters symbols
F. A Slimer figurine and is that a photo of Sigourney Weaver?
G. Ecto-1 photos
H. Slimy floor and blanket

To learn more about this magical hotel or to make reservations, visit The Curtis’ website.

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