Rotten Tomatoes Comes Home

Rotten Tomatoes

In 1998, the review-aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes created their infamous “tomatometer” compiling movie reviews from critics and fans alike pretty much changing how many of us decide on which movie to go see in the theater or watch on TV. Today they moved one step further invading our lives with their own Rotten Tomatoes Channel. Found on the Roku Channel (which in turn can be found on your Roku streaming player), the Rotten Tomatoes Channel is now presenting non-stop shows all day, every day. The channel promises to serve up a bunch of shows featuring “the best in movies and TV and the people who make it.”

“On The Rotten Tomatoes Channel, you’ll discover exclusive new premium series giving you the stories behind some of your favorite movie and TV moments; hilarious and insightful interviews and games with stars and filmmakers … feisty and fun movie and TV debates with the sharpest minds in the biz; awesome trailers for upcoming movies and shows … and – of course – recommendations to ensure your watchlist stays super Fresh” says the company.

The new channel is launching with 10 original shows of their own alongside long and short-form videos that showcase favorite movies and TV shows. Unlike a regular TV channel that has a regular schedule and unlike a streaming service where you can pick and choose which show to watch when you want to watch it, Rotten Tomatoes is a linear video channel that runs 24 hours a day. “So, if you want to fan out at 2am, or dip in during a muted morning Zoom call… we’re there for you,” says RT.

If you are TV and/or movie fan, there is plenty here for you. You’ll get lots of tuning recommendations, guides, celebrity interviews, games, news, trailers, and scene breakdowns. Some of these include:

  • RT Essentials: In this fun and info-packed show, we give you the stories behind the movies that defined eras, genres, and the careers of some of our biggest stars.
  • Trailers Reloaded: Tap back into those “I can’t wait to see this” tingles with collections of trailers ranging from Hitchcock classics right through to the Harry Potter movies and Marvel’s epic teasers for the films of the MCU.
  • Countdown: We count down the top 10 movies and TV shows from different periods and genres, according to our trusty Tomatometer and/or the expertise of the brains at Rotten Tomatoes.
  • The Vault: Think of this as “only the best bits,” a collection of the biggest laughs, sharpest insights, and most questionable haircuts from our interviews with stars and filmmakers from the last decade.

The best part – it’s free. And in addition to finding Rotten Tomatoes on The Roku Channel, you’ll soon be able to find it on NBC/Universal’s Peacock, XUMO TV, and other places.

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