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The Rank Game

More than likely, you’ve played the game UNO. Legend has it that the card game was created in 1971 by a man who had an argument with his son about the rules of a similar game called Crazy Eights. As a resolution to their argument, they created their own unique game. Since that time, Mattel (who now owns the rights) has created multiple version of this iconic game. What makes UNO so great is that it is easy to learn and easy to play for just about any age. You can play the game just about anywhere and can play for a short period of time or for the long haul.

Another new card game now on store shelves shares a similar background. The Rank Game was created by a family who used to quiz each other about their favorite music, food, movies, etc. to pass the time. Eventually, that all led to a new game that is similar to UNO and completely different at the same time. It is similar in that it involves cards, but it is not a card game. It is super easy to learn and play for all ages, but while there is definitely a winner for each round, nobody really loses. It doesn’t even take much skill to play. Just your knowledge of how well you know your friends and family. You can play with just two people or with the whole tribe. The Rank Game is super flexible.

My family was given a copy of The Rank Game to try and I’m happy to say, it was received well with my adult kids. Our family plays a lot of different types of games, so we were all a little skeptical with this one, but we were all pleasantly pleased with it.

Here is How to Play The Rank Game

One player chooses a card and places it in the holder for all to see. (The information is printed on both sides which is ingenious right there!) Depending on the deck, the card features a simple question with four possible answers. Without telling the others, the player who chose the card ranks the answers in order from most likely to unlikely or favorite to least favorite. For instance, a card could read, “Likely to Lose” with the choices being A: Glasses; B: Keys; C: Phone and D: Wallet. The player decides that he or she is most likely to lose their keys first followed by their glasses, phone and wallet or more simply: B, A, C and D. The other players make their guesses on their own score pad. The first player reveals their answers and the other add up their scores – one point for each correct answer. And then the next players picks a card and the game continues for 10 rounds. The person with the highest score wins and everyone learns a little bit more about each other.

The Rank Game doesn’t take itself too seriously either. What if a player is unfamiliar with a card’s topic? Skip it and move on to the next card. What happens if the players can’t agree on what the card means? Skip and move on the next card. And so on. This is a benefit for all players regardless of age. (This way, grandma and grandpa won’t have to rank their favorite video games and little ones won’t have to rank their favorite soap operas). And while it is always nice to win, the bigger goal of the game is to get to know each other better. (And a rule in my family is, the winner has to put the game away, making losing a little less painful.)

Each Rank Game pack comes with three decks of cards with different themes (Everyday Life, Adulting and Leisure Time) but Storytastic offers 11 expansion decks as well (Risky Business, Sports and Outdoors, Culture Vulture, Faith Pack, Girls Night, Relationship Goals, Guys Night, Make Your Own and More Adulting, Everyday Life, Leisure cards.

Order The Rank Game Now and Save 20%.

Now that your curiosity has been raised about The Rank Game, why not buy the game right now and save 20% at the same time? Just go to the Storytastic website and use the code POPCORN to can save 20% off the main game and all of the expansion packs. (However, the discount does not apply to the bundles.)

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