This Day in Pop Culture for December 30

Let's Make a Deal

1963: ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ Debuts

After hosting numerous games shows on the radio as well as TV including Strike It Rich, Twenty-One and Video Village, Monty Hall developed, produced and starred in his own creation called Let’s Make a Deal. Producing the show with Partner Stefan Hatos, Let’s Make a Deal premiered on NBC on this day in 1963. The concept of the show involved contestants pulled from the audience to serve as “traders” who would make deals with the host. They were usually given something of some value and then given the chance to trade it in for something hidden under a box or behind a huge door. Some of the trade-in items were worth much more than the first one or they could be considered a “zonk” that had little to no value at all. The game show moved from NBC to ABC in 1968 and a syndicated version of the show began in 1971. The show ended its long run in 1977 but it was revived in Canada (and syndicated in America) in 1980 for one year. Then the show had another syndicated revival in the U.S. in 1986. NBC welcomed the show back to its network in 1990 but this time it was not hosted or produced by Hall. Instead, those duties went to Dick Clark (producer) and Bob Hilton (host). However, Hilton was fired in October due to low ratings and Hall stepped in as “guest host” until the show was canceled in 1991. Billy Bush briefly served as host of a prime-time version of the show in 2003 but it ended after just three episodes. Then I 2009, CBS took a stab of reviving the show in 2009 where it continues today with host Wayne Brady. (Image: Wikimedia)

1953: The First Color TV

The first ever NTSC color television, created by RCA, went on sale today in 1953 for about $1,175.

1942 & 1945: Two Monkees Are Born

On this day in pop culture history, two singers/actors of The Monkees were born: Michael Nesmith and Davy Jones. Nesmith was born in 1942 while Jones didn’t arrive until 1945. Before the NBC TV show, Nesmith joined the Air Force before he even finished high school. Jones on the other hand began acting a very early age and even worked as a jockey for a time. After Monkees, Nesmith helped create the limited TV series, Television Parts in 1985 and served as executive producer for Repo Man and other films. He also appeared in an episode of Portlandia in 2014.  Jones, the most popular of the four Monkees, made cameo appearances on many TV shows, recorded the album, Just Me in 2001 and the single, “Your Personal Penguin” in 2006 for children’s book author, Sandra Boynton. Sadly, Jones passed away on February 29, 2012 and Nesmith passed away more recently on December 10, 2021. (Images: Wikimedia)

Movies Released

  • Why Him? (2016)

TV Series Debuts

  • Best Leftovers Ever (2020)
  • Let’s make a Deal (1963)
  • Tainted Dreams (2013)

Famous Birthdays

  • 1865: Rudyard Kipling (author)
  • 1914: Bert Parks (TV host)
  • 1928: Bo Diddley (singer)
  • 1934: Del Shannon (singer)
  • 1935: Sandy Koufax (baseball player)
  • 1942: Michael Nesmith (singer)
  • 1942: Fred Ward (actor)
  • 1945: Davy Jones (singer)
  • 1953: Meredith Vieira (TV host)
  • 1957: Matt Lauer (journalist)
  • 1959: Tracey Ullman (actress)
  • 1961: Sean Hannity (TV host)
  • 1975: Tiger Woods (golfer)
  • 1978: Tyrese Gibson (actor)
  • 1981: Matt Ulrich (football player)
  • 1984: LeBron James (basketball player)

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