The Party Must Go On

Prime Party

Despite all of the trials that 2020 has brought us this, one thing is for certain – we still want to party. We still want to celebrate birthdays, sit around the Thanksgiving table and deck the halls. But that’s a real challenge when you want to keep your loved ones and friends safe. The holidays will definitely not be the same this year, but that doesn’t mean that the usual festivities will be bad. Just different. The trick is trying out something new that will be just as memorable. Believe it or not, it’s not impossible.

This year, families will have to forgo their traditional large Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings and embrace smaller celebrations. That might mean that you might have invite a couple over for a “friendsgiving” instead. If you live in a warm climate, you might opt to dine in the backyard. Or perhaps, you might have to dine via Zoom meetings. Anything is better than canceling Christmas.

Shane and Cara Smith (Prime Party)

Meet Shane and Cara Smith, two of the nicest and most creative people that you’ll meet. They are the owners of Prime Party, a company that offers a variety party products with themes built around nostalgia and pop culture. I got a chance to meet them and wander around their warehouse of wonder. Sure, there was the usual plates, cups and napkins, but what I really like about this duo is their attention to detail and their creative twists.

Bob Ross and Friends gift boxes.
Max and Ruby party
Llama Llama party

The kids will love sitting around the dining room table that has been transformed into Llama Llama’s patchwork quilted bed or create the ultimate “kids’ table” with a couple of wooden pallets and turn the living room into a picnic place with the Max and Ruby rabbits.

While adults are familiar with Bob Ross, kids are unfamiliar with the artist. However, the Smith’s have a whole line of kid-friendly “Bob Ross and Friends” party goods so that they can enjoy a Bob Ross Thanksgiving too!

Adults can relive the 90’s with the Beverly Hills, 90210 gang, hang out with the Star Trek troupe or play bingo with The Golden Girls. You can go all out or just keep it simple – it’s your party. But for inspiration, visit the blog section of Prime Party’s website for some great “how to” guides on hosting the perfect party no matter how big or how small.

I asked Shane what advice he would give families for the upcoming holidays. Here is what he came up with:

Think Small

Instead of using one big table, consider setting up three or four card-sized tables and set them up in different rooms. And instead of bringing out grandma’s fine china, go disposable this year.

“Disposable plates, cups, napkins, table covers, and utensils are far safer so that all the germs and other infectious objects are not left in the home after the meal,” says Shane and adds “Look for individually wrapped desserts where possible.”

Bob Ross Bingo
Yard signs

Play Games

Bingo is a game that everyone can play whether you play in-person or virtually. Prime Party offers physical and printable bingo games that you can play via Zoom with themes built around The Golden Girls, School House Rock, Bob Ross and Cheers.

“This concept definitely carries over to holidays,” says Shane. “Perhaps a post mealtime bingo session with the immediate family playing on their printed out bingo cards while grandma, grandpa and other relatives are Zoom video-calling in from their their home(s).”

Either way, be sure to have prizes on hand. I mean, that’s the whole point of bingo, right?

Go All Out with a Theme

Want a truly unique holiday gathering? Go all out with your chosen theme. For instance, invite friends over to explore their hidden Bob Ross with a painting party. We found inexpensive paint, brushes and canvases at a local Ross Dress for Less shop and you can find episodes of The Joy of Painting online. Provide “Ross Wigs” for the full effect. Happy Trees Ring Toss anyone?

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