This Day in Pop Culture for July 26

Do the Hustle

1975: “The Hustle” is the #1 Song in America

Unlike other dance crazes, it was the dance called “The Hustle” that inspired the song of the same name by Van McCoy. McCoy was visiting a friend in New York who told him that a new dance had been created by the crowd that hung out at the Adam’s Apple nightclub in Manhattan. After a report given from a business partner, McCoy was inspired to release the album Disco Baby which featured the song “The Hustle” which became the #1 song in America on this day in 1975.

McCoy won a Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance for the song. Realm Records released a “how-to” album during this dance craze in 1976. That album is very hard to find now. (Image: Realm Records)


  • 1909: Vivian Vance (actress)
  • 1921: Jean Shepherd (screenwriter)
  • 1922: Blake Edwards (film director)
  • 1922: Jason Robards (actor)
  • 1923: Jan Berenstain (children’s book author)
  • 1928: Stanley Kubrick (film director)
  • 1943: Mick Jagger (singer)
  • 1945: Helen Mirren (actress)
  • 1956: Dorothy Hamill (Olympic skater)
  • 1959: Kevin Spacey (actor)
  • 1967: Jason Statham (actor)
  • 1983: Kelly Clark (Olympic snowboarder)

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